Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Crown molding pegboard shelf~

I've always been intimidated by crown molding shelves.
I could never make that angled cut correctly.
In the past, I've always failed miserably, and then turned it over to The Joe to finish it for me.

But this time.....I did it!! All by myself, from start to finish!
 I didn't even have to waste a bunch of molding trying to make that stinking cut.

Well sheesh, it's really not that bad when you are actually cutting the crown correctly.
I used to think you'd lay the board flat down on the saw and cut it like any other piece of wood.
Don't do it that way. 

 I peered over The Joe's shoulder when he cut the crown for our kitchen, and took note of how you are really supposed to hold it.  The flat side of the back of the trim rests on the saw so the board is cut at an angle. 

You probably already know that if you are a do it yourself-er, but it was news to me!

 (My daughter thought it was funny that my fingers are right next to the image of the chopped off fingers on the saw.)
Cut the molding at a 45º angle. 
Switch directions on the saw to get a coordinating piece.
It does take a little bit of thinking to get the angles right.

Once the you have the end pieces cut, you stick some wood glue on the joint and clamp it together.
I actually just used a couple of pieces of tape to hold it into place until the glue dried.

I left room on the back of the shelf so that a 1/2'' piece of wood would fit underneath. I wanted the shelf to have a pegboard attached to it. Before I combined the board and crown, I drilled holes for pegs and glued and tapped them into place.  

After the glue on the crown had dried completely, I glued and nailed the pegboard into place.
I routed a board for the top of the shelf and nailed everything together.

I brushed a bit of chocolate brown paint onto the edges before painting it white.
That gave me a little more contrast when I distressed the shelf. 

Thar she blows! I'm excited to try it again soon.
 I think I'd like to make some without pegs to hang over  windows or doorways.

Here are a few shelf designs from the past:

Click on the pictures for the tutorials.


  1. LOVE this! I have been wanting to do the exact same thing, but have been super intimidated by crown molding as well. And also a little by the saw... This looks awesome, well done!

  2. Your shelves are totally amazing and so original and you always make it look easier to make than it really is. AMAZING!


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