Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bling Board~

Are you a jewelry lover? 

I really very rarely ever wear it, but when I do try to be a little girly,
 I get frustrated with everything tangled in the jewelry box.

Lately I've been sticking my necklaces on an unused towel holder.

but that doesn't really help with the whole "not getting tangled" dilemma either.

So I decided to make a jewelry holder.

I started with a 3/4'' thick piece of mdf

I wanted to put a shelf on the bottom of it, so I grabbed a smaller board

and drew angled shapes to cut out for supports.

I also added extra support under the shelf.
Who couldn't use a little extra support now and then?!

Next I measured all of the spots where I wanted pegs, screws and hooks for my rings.

I nailed the shelf into place an hammered the pegs into the pre-drilled holes.

The BEST part of this project was painting OUTSIDE!!
It was the most beautiful day of the year so far and I loved being outside while the girls rode their bikes.

I love it, but I totally forgot about adding a spot for earrings!

I will have to do a little tweaking, but at least it holds everything else pretty well!

What do you do with your jewelry?
 Do you have a place to hang things up, or do you use a box or chest?

Any ideas on adding a spot for earrings??


  1. Adorable! I love it! Do you have room on the wall to hang a frame (with screen material - like the the stuff in window screens - that you can poke or hang your earrings through)? Or you could do two of the frames and make a frame/wall scape with your awesome "bling board"... Don't you just love how I'm having trouble coming up with the right words. :). My apologies.

  2. Totally cute! I have something similar that is contained behind a frame. The earring holder isn't that great but I've found that since I usually wear hoops or french wires I can hang those over one of the hooks so you could possibly add a couple of black cuphooks under the bracelet section.

  3. This is totally awesome! For Christmas this is what I made for my girls. A few less holders and I got some fun knobs at hobby lobby. For the earings, you can get these stand up frames at ikea for 99 cents and then put a piece of plastic mesh board in it and there you have an earing holder that could stand on your counter. When I can post a picture I will so you can understand what I am talking about! I love your creativity!

  4. Hard to tell from the pic, but maybe you could even hang your hook type earrings right in those birds? Or does that seem kinda morbid?

  5. Great idea, and I am LOVING the birds!



  6. I'm thinking like a cork board strip {or something like that} along the bottom and you can like push the earrings right into it?! Don't know if that would work but something like that would be cool! Cute idea by the usual.

  7. I actually took a cork board and stuck push pins in it. I hate wasted space, and that way I can put my hangers closer together or further apart depending on what size necklace hangs from it. Mine right now, not cute...but it certainly could be if you lined it with a little fabric and some ribbons or something. It just hangs in my closet and I haven't cared enough.

    Earrings: I got one of those sheets that we used to weave yarn through to make covers for tissue boxes and weird stuff back in the day and tied it to a hanger that hangs in my closet as well. The little square holes are perfect for earring size and the edges even fit hoops. They NEVER get lost or tangled. Best idea ever.

  8. Very cute. I don't own/wear a lot of jewelry either but what I have needs a better storage solution.

    Did you tweak your blog design? Looks good!

  9. what a great idea. can I ask where you bought the little birds. they make it so quirky looking.

  10. What about funky little dishes on the shelf to hold earrings sorted by color? Love the bird hooks BTW!

  11. Cute! The birds are a great focal point. My jewelry is in assorted jewelry boxes... won't fit all in one place! I have to keep mine covered because I do not rotate the wearing of it often enough and it gets dusty!! I like the earrings in a dish idea.

  12. Well I have an earrings idea for you... I made a jewelry hanger as well... But I covered the board with screen after I painted the wood black. I then drilled old doorknobs into it for the necklaces to hang in, and the earrings go in the screen


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