Monday, March 21, 2011

Shelfy shelf shelf...

Last night I was shelf dreaming. 
I was trying to design something for our upstairs family room.

I has been bugging me that we haven't had a place for people to hang coats when they visit.

Of course you're always in the mood to make something when you have a crazy busy day.
Luckily I went with a pretty simple design, so it only took about 45 minutest to put together.

I bought some 8'' X 6' boards, a 6' piece of crown and some scrappy scraps for the sides.

First I drew the lines for the shape of my side supports. 

I really didn't want to use side supports. I thought It'd look better without them,
but the weight of this shelf demanded support.

I tried to make them as small as possible.

Next, I measured where I was planning on drilling for pegs.
It was a little tricky using a drill press by myself with such a big board.
  I should have made a neighbor be my drill press buddy.  I'm sure they would have loved that:)

After nailing the sides and top, I cut down the piece of crown so it fit snuggly into place.

Tappy tap tap the pegs into place

This was a heavy shelf so I definitely wanted to use a stud finder.

Actually I'm just trying to come up with an excuse to show you this graph Ty sent to me.

Just try to tell me you haven't seen a guy do that....
Ha ha ha.

I'm pretty excited to have a place to hang coats,
oh and of course another place to display knickety knacks.

Mmmm.. I love shelves. I love pegs....I LOVE Spring!

Don't forget the Parade of Homes is coming up quickly!
{{the excited kind of "EEK"}}

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Yes, your socks are going to be knocked off...just in case you were wondering.

One more thing...

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  1. I've been staring at my hallway shelf the past week or so saying to myself that it needs to be changed.....thanks for the inspiration!! :)

  2. Wow, you built that? Awesome. It looks store-bought!! Love the knick-knacks on top, too. Of course. :)

  3. It does look store-bought. Great decorations, and I LOVE the graph, ha ha! I chose you for a Stylish Blogger here to see! :)

  4. Are you actually going to hang coats from it? Or are you going to end up hanging cute crafty stuff. I say go with the crafty stuff, then you can make another one for coats - unless crafty stuff hangs better on that one too...

  5. First off I love that you have an addiction to shelves! I do to. I have so many that I don't know what to do with them. Next, I laughed out loud when I read the thing about finding studs. My hubbie does it all the time!

  6. I love the galoshes on the shelf. What a great idea!

  7. I love this shelf! I was looking for something to place near my front door entrance and since my space is limited I think this will be perfect! Did you use mdf for the supports or wood?


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