Friday, October 12, 2012

Lovin' me some Halloween

I guess I'd better take the opportunity to post about Halloween before the season is over.

What does Halloween mean to you?
Just kidding, I'm not going to go there.

I'll just post a few random pictures from my house to make it look as if I go all out for the season.

Truth is, I just have a couple of shelves that I decorate and that's about it.

My daughter was upset the other day because I told her I wouldn't put a coffin on our front porch.

I had to remind her that I had to take this picture off of her wall because it scared her too much:
And that she would never be able to go in an out of our house if there was a coffin standing next to the door.
(Those owl eyes can be a bit creepy in the middle of the night....just sayin'.)

I can't really blame her though for my lack of scary decor. 
I've always been more interested in the cutesy stuff.

That's probably why I love this quilted countdown that my MIL made for our family.

These adorable Halloween pictures are quilted and have a piece of velcro on the back.
The kids can pull off a picture each day. 
The bottom of the countdown is folded up to hold all of the pieces.

Cute right?? You can check out more of her fantastical-ness HERE.

I also have a chalkboard countdown.

Not really, I usually use this for something else.
I was feeling insecure about my lack of Halloween decorations so I drew this really quickly and took a picture. Now I just feel insecure about my photo editing abilities. All I can concentrate on is how I turned my couch into such an abnormal shade of red. 

I do have one more shelf with Halloween decor...

I picked up a few black birds and a black net from the dollar store for this display.

My kids take care of the rest of our decorations and I think they do a pretty awesome job of it.

~Here are a few blasts from the Poppies past~

to find these Halloween prints.

Stick with Ding Dongs for neighborhood gifts.

Cupcake toppers

Well, I hope you all have a super rad Halloween! 
Save me a Baby Ruth or a Kit Kat from your stash!



  1. True love! Especially the part about the owls.

  2. Loved this post! You make the cutest things! Thanks for the inspiration.:)

  3. To get the printables, it says pop over to the Printables to get them but there is no active link.

  4. Your decorations are so cute! I really love the cupcake "bite me" toppers. I'm gonna have to use those!

  5. I LOL at the Owl picture that scares your daughter! Too funny!

    I don't remember how I found your blog..a few days ago it was a link within a link..however, glad I found it!

    Super cute and I am enthralled by all of your before and afters! Makes me feel like I must be quite lazy!

    Have a great Sunday!

  6. Cute stuff!! And I'm Lol'ing at the "blast from Poppies past" comment! :)


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