Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hanging bookshelf~

This hanging bookshelf is a gift for my niece, so it's not actually hanging yet...
but I wanted to snap a few shots it.

It can rest on a dresser or hang on the wall. 
Sometimes it's hard to find floor space, so it's kind of nice when you don't need it!

I didn't take pics of the process because I wasn't entirely confident that it would work the way I wanted it to in my brain, but it's very similar to this other hanging bookshelf.  I Just made the bottom portions bigger so that the books could fit sideways. I also added more book space by attaching 2 shelves to one backboard.  

You can find the tutorial for the smaller bookshelf HERE


  1. Hey Andy,

    Do you make things and sell them. I would love to get this book holder with the birds made for my best friend. I live in UT though. Where are you located and do you do that?

  2. Love your blog and inspiration .. I am a new blogger so I love looking at wonderful blogs like yours.......... Stop by The Rusty Pearl if you get a chance....Happy Thanksgiving !!!!


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