Friday, November 2, 2012

How to hang a picture with 2 hanging holes.

Ever been frustrated when you want to put something up on your wall, and you flip it over to find 2 hanging holes? Ahhh, man! Why didn't they just put one?? That's so annyoing. Now we have to measure and hope that it looks level when it's on the wall.  

It's really not that bad, I promise! Here's an easy breezy trick that The Joe taught me years ago that makes this an easy, one man, NO MEASURING job.  

First of all, you'll want to find something with a straight edge, and a level. If your picture is flat on the top, you can just use your picture. Mine is rounded, so I used a scrap board.

Hold your picture up on the wall and make a little mark with a pencil on the spot where you would like the holes to be.  Then, put your straight edge next to the pencil mark. Make sure it is level.
{Please excuse the chippy Captain America nail polish}

Trace the top of the board or picture. Make sure your pencil mark is as wide as the holes in the back of your picture.

 Next you will take a piece of tape. Use masking tape or painters tape. Something that is a little rigid and has some color to it.  I couldn't find tape (because I have children...), so I used a scrap piece of vinyl.
Put the tape all the way across your picture so that it covers both hanging holes.

Now take a pen and mark the holes. You can even just puncture a little hole in the tape with a pen.

 Once you've marked the tape, peel it off and line it up on the wall on top of your pencil line.

 Now you can easily see where to drill your holes.
Once your screws are in place, tear off the tape.

 That's it! No measuring, crying or punching holes in the wall. 


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