Friday, August 27, 2010

keeping it organized...

Hey there...quick post from Heather...oh boy has it been a long time...

Last year on Poppies I posted a fun project HERE to help me stay organized during the school year. I just thought I would also show you a new addition to my efforts...

It is a pretty simple addition, but one that has TOTALLY helped keep me on top of things. I bought 3 generic egg timers at Wall-Mart and put each kids name on them. What does this do to help me stay "organized" you might my house each kid has a zillion things that I need to keep timed! Like 20 minutes of reading, or 20 minutes of piano practice, or time out, or quiet time in the afternoons. I find it totally over whelming when my kids yell..."Mom how many more minutes do I have?" "I don't know!!" I found myself saying back. They would each start at different times, but close enough to each other that I would get confused as to who started when...Now they each have a timer to help keep track of all of the "minutes" of work they have to do.

Simple and easy, yet SO helpful!


  1. I need to get one for my son who asks me the same question too. He's still learing about the whole concept of time, but maybe this will help as he watches the mintues tick by. Great idea.

  2. Great idea Andy! Sometimes it's so hard to keep track of who started practicing when. Plus the timers look cute lined up with their names on them. Have a great weeend.

  3. This great idea is brought to you by Heather. I need to get some of them myself. My kids are always asking me how much longer they have to read.

  4. Perfect! I will have to steal that idea!

  5. You are a genius! Off to Walmart to copy this great idea.

  6. Great idea! I use my kitchen timer to clean as fast and as much as I can until the timer goes off. Then I put the stuff away and have fun! It is amazing how much you can get done in a short period of time when you stay focused! I used it a lot when my two boys were little.


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