Saturday, August 28, 2010

Unique collections...

Decorative collections aren't limited to candles and glass bottles.  
Check out some of these interesting collection collages.

I absolutely adore this rock set. The worn out pieces of wood really appeal to me as well.

You'd better be excited if you can get your hands on this many old windows.  What an open feel.

I must admit I have never bee to excited about license plate collections, until now.  This is so well done.

If you want to display your collection without putting a cazillion holes in your wall, try hanging it.

A variety of monograms hung above a headboard create a unique and interesting focal point to the room.

Hanging skeleton keys on a bookcase is quite charming.  
Country Living

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Su sent me a unique window collection, I just had to add it!

Thanks Su! Such fun bright colors.


  1. I love to see unique collections instead of seeing the same old thing that everybodys doing!!!

  2. These are great collections! One of my favorite things to collect that I am working on is old, vintage doorknobs. I can't wait to find a way to display them! This post is great inspiration.

  3. Very cool! Would you believe that I actually DO have that many old windows!? I got some last month at a yard sale. About 12 windows for $20. Score! Maybe I should have them all up like that?

    Silver Lining

  4. This was a fun post to read!! I am gonna go add some skeleton keys to my bookshelves right now. I have some just on a ring in my craft room. . but they will be better displayed hung on my bookshelf. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. love this! I always wish I could put collections together like this. Thanks for posting!

  6. I love to see how other people organize their collections. Thanks for putting this together!

  7. Love these! The windows and keys are my favorite. My Great Grandmother had a collection of old license plates on her garage wall and I loved looking at them when I was little.


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