Thursday, April 1, 2010

think about it Thursday...

Today I am thinking about...puke...yep you read that right...puke! My house has been full of puking people all week! I am so sick (not really) of sick people! First it was my 6 year old, next it was my 8 year old and yesterday it was the Mr. I am SO glad that it hasn't hit anyone else....for now!

Because of this sick bug ALL of my crafting plans were put on hold as I became the only one capable of moving in my house. To be honest I only have to battle this sort of thing once MAYBE twice a year so I can't really complain, but because it doesn't happen very often around here it usually takes me completely off guard.

I now have an ample supply of "sick food" at our house. This consists of all the things below. The status of where you are in the sick process determins what and how much you get!
When my 6 year old got this first I had nothing in my house. I am so glad I have a wonderful mom living close by who was able to zip to the store and bring the supplies.

One other "must have" for our sick supply is "the bowl". I am so sick of cleaning out this bowl. I only had 1 of the sick people this week make it to the toilet and not the bowl...or the floor...or the bed! I am pretty convinced that there is nothing worse that rinsing the yuckies out of sheets in the bath tub at 3am. I think I am taking a sick day here at Poppies...I hope no one minds!

What are your "must haves" to battle the sickies and yuckies? (I would love to know)

Think about it...


  1. My absolute MUST have is Coke Syrup. You put a tsp of it over crushed ice, and it settles your tummy, and tastes like heaven! Kids love it (well I did when I was a kid) because it's ice chips... why do kids love to chew ice chips so much??? HAHA But, it really is the BEST!

  2. my mom always gave us regular coke, stirred (to flatten it), but tablespoons at a time. that always helped settle my stomach. soda was a treat for us back then, so i remember hoping there was some left for when i felt better!

  3. Let's hope everyone recovers by the weekend. Wishing you the best.

  4. Hope you guys feel better! I always keep a bowl under the bathroom sink upstairs. If one person starts puking in the house, I cover the floor with sheets and thin blankets at bedtime. I hate cleaning puke out of carpet!

  5. Bless your heart! We just got through passing around the flu at my house. Don't ya just love it when they share germs? UGH! Hope everyone feels better soon!

  6. My Mom always gave us spearmint tea sweetened with honey instead of sugar. It's gentle on your tummy and doesn't burn if it comes back up. I have been sick the last month (pregnant!) and wishing for sweet release of some kind. Hope everyone feels better soon!

  7. Warm, flat Coke. We had a close call a couple of weeks ago - friends from out of state visited and they had two of them throw up in my house before they could get out! I sat on pins and needles for days thinking it had to be caught by one of the six of us!!

  8. Definitely those puppy pads (for potty training puppies) to put under the "bowl". The only thing worse than puke is having to clean it out of carpet! (Although cleaning it out of the sheets is pretty bad, too).


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