Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Orange Crush

I've always had a big crush on orange. To me it feels exciting and relaxing at the same time, if that makes any sense. Even with loving it, I can't think of a time that I've used it in my decor. After checking out some of my favorite rooms featuring orange(pictured below), I have once again fallen in love and have a desire to incorporate it somehow. It doesn't even need to be tons and tons...just a dash here and there. I took 3 routed 8''x10'' boards and painted them orange. I used vinyl to decorate mine, but you could just as easily do a simple painted design.
I really dig green and orange together, so I found a coordinating print to reupholster this chair.
It hasn't been that long since I initially upholstered this beauty, but Mira has tagged it with markers and pens, so it looks pretty awful. Time for a facelift.

When stapling fabric I like to start from the center of the back of the chair and work my way out pulling tightly as I go. Once the back is stapled I switch to the front and then the sides.

I do the corners last and wrap the edge.

I staple weed paper to the back to prevent fraying and give it a nice finished look.

I framed the accent chair by hanging the boards in an angled pattern.

Here are a few of my favorite rooms featuring orange:

Who knew it would look so amazing with pink???

The green floral arrangement is the perfect fit for this room!

Brown is also a fantastic coordinate.

I am dying to have built in bunk beds. We are already making plans for those.He he he.

Once again, another surprisingly brilliant pair. Orange and light blue.

I love the little dish of oranges.


This is my favorite. I love the orange mattes. See what I mean?
Exciting and relaxing.

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  1. I agree -- Although I've never really thought I liked it that much, having looked at your pictures, I think I do love it -- I'm very easily persuaded, huh? Actually when I did floral designs, orange and red were some of the most stunning combinations. It worked beautifully on the outside of a wooden door -- just gorgeous...and always seemed to match whatever color brick was on the home. Great pics!

  2. Wow - you really pulled off orange! I really like how you framed your chair with the pictures!

    Punkin Seed Productions

  3. i am wearing my favorite orange sweater right now! i love orange! in fact, frank said 'orange is a happy color' and i have to agree.
    (oh that is frank sinatra!)

  4. I just stumbled upon your charming blog, and it made me smile. I'm loving this chair, and orange has recently become one of my new favorite colors. Orange and pink together?! What a fabulous idea! :)

  5. I always cringed at the idea of orange as a decorating color...until now. Those examples you gave are so beautiful! Thanks for opening up my mind.

  6. I ran across your blog yesterday and I have to say that you are my new hero with your DI finds. You have inspired me to do some "make overs" and of course now head to the DI today ;) Thanks for sharing your wonderful things.

  7. I love that chair and the pictures are great. I love vinyl. I have a love/hate relationship with orange, but it looks great as a pop of color. Those rooms are beautiful and those bunkbeds would be great.

  8. I love the bunk beds! They are so cute, I wish I had a place to put something like that. I love all your orange pics!

  9. Seriously who knew orange could be so relaxing? And that it went with PINK?! I love that room with the pink. And that owl? He belongs on my wall somewhere:)

  10. I love orange too. I used it with my brow and blue this fall. Now I have touches of cranberry out. I am hosting my first ever linky party--ideas under $100 and would love it if you joined me!

  11. Yay orange!!! I've always been a fan of orange and pink together. LOVE it!!!


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