Thursday, January 14, 2010

think about it Thursday...

Once again I am thinking about all of the fun things I made for Christmas...

Here is another fun gift for kids:

Story Dice. I didn't take pictures of the process for this one, but it is very similar to the Memory Game from last week.

1 bag of 1 1/4 inch wood will need 6 for each game (I got mine at Hobby Lobby...Roberts didn't have them)
1 brown craft box
1 cute title box top
1 cute rule sheet
1 inch pictures 6 for each die

First step is to print out all your dice images, box top, and rule sheet.
Cut them out.

No need to sand the blocks they were very smooth and ready to start gluing!

Next it is time to whip out your bottle of Modge Podge again and start adhering the pictures to the dice. I did like 2 on a die at a time then waited for them to dry and rotated them. Each die should have 6 pictures (1 on each side). We used MP to put the game box top on and then to put the game rules on the inside of the box lid. (That way you never loose the rules)

The point of the game is to help children make up a story. You pass out a die to each person. The first person rolls their die and uses the picture it lands on like this: "Once upon a time there was a spider. He lived by a really dark rock." Next person rolls their die and then adds to the story..."One day a butterfly flew by..." and so on... my kids loved playing this game! (Although I do have boys so most things ended up dying or pulvirized by the end of the story!

Once again this turned out so stinkin cute!

I also have a huge surprise!!!!!!! I get most of my digital scrapbooking stuff from a really great site called GG Digital Designs. I absolutely adore all her stuff!!! She is the one who designed the stuff I used to make the Memory game and the Story Dice. I received several requests for copies of my actual stuff so that others could make their own games that look exactly like mine. I knew that I couldn't share because I had used stuff that was for personal use, not to be I contacted the designer and she is offering the ready to print out kits on her site!!

They are a VERY reasonably priced and super easy to make...just purchase, download, print it out (or send it to your nearest photo center..I love Costco), cut it out, and get ready to get your Modge Podge on!

The kits include all the images you need to make the games...the great thing about purchasing the kits is that you can make as many games as you want forever!! Wahooo!

Just click on the picture and it will take you to her site!

January always seems to be a pretty blah month for me. Crafting is a great way to pull out of the gray and enjoy using your creativity.

What can you make this month?

Think about it...


  1. Thanks so much Heather! I just downloaded mine! I can't believe how cheap she charged, I was prepared to pay more. Anyway, I love the story dice. I've seen them before, but yours are cuter!

  2. Very super cute! These dice will be great presents for the nieces and nephews birthdays too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. story dice is a really cute idea. It's a good exercise for kids, and all us parents who are out of practice. Thanks for sharing


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