Monday, January 11, 2010

Speaking of black and white...

Happy freezing cold Monday!

I swear I had planned to do this black and white before Andy's post last week. :)
I finished my wall! This was so fun to do! I didn't take a before picture of the things on the wall, but it's just all stuff from the thrift store....a bulletin/cork board ($3), a white board($2), a clipboard($.50), a little metal sign ($1), and a file shelf thingy($1). Then I just used some paint and scrapbook paper and some fabric for the cork board to transform them into what I was looking for. I bought the shelf at hobby lobby in the unfinished wood area and painted it. Here's what it looked like before....semi cute, but not at all functional.

And here it is now.....

VOILA! I painted the wall a pretty green color that I have elsewhere in my kitchen (this office area is right at the edge of my kitchen). Then, I just took all of those dressed up thrift store items and arranged them on the wall. I have a whiteboard for notes, a cork board to hold my calendar and any other fliers or invitations, a clipboard which will hold mainly our phone lists, and a file thingy for misc papers and mail. The shelf holds some books that we need and use frequently and end up on the counter most of the time. Also, the basket has our important cords in it (ie:camera cord to upload pictures) that seem to be lost half the time. I also have this little metal board and bought these super useful magnetic items at IKEA to put on to hold pens and pencils and the other 2 to hold paperclips and extra staples. I'm going to glue a magnet on the bottom of my small stapler too and stick it on this board....another thing I'm constantly looking for!

And, just for fun, I made these silhouettes of my boys to go down the little side wall. I LOVE these! I've never done a silhouette before and it was SO fun!! Aren't they adorable?

Whadd'ya think? I'm loving it. 2010 is feeling more organized already.



  1. It almost makes me want to pretty up my desk area, too bad I have all that wood floor sitting in the way!! I think it looks super cute!!

  2. It looks so pretty! I love the black and white.


  3. silhoettes are so cute. How did you do them? material, vinyl, paper, projector, trace?

  4. Coretta,
    There are many ways to do silhouettes...I chose what I consider to be the easiest. All I did was take a profile shot of each kid (kinda close up shots so it would fill almost the entire picture) and had them printed onto 5x7s at Sams Club (I think that was 38 cents each or something). Then, I just used some good scissors and cut out their head. Then, I flipped it over to the white side and painted it black with a little bottle of acrylic paint I had. It took a few coats to get it good and covered. Then, I just glued it onto some white paper. I used wood oval plaques to mount them on (which required some extra painting), but it would be even easier to just get a black fram and put them right in a frame. SO EASY!

  5. I'm about to do my yearly silhouettes in the same way. I like yours on the wood plaques, though. How did you attach the heads to the wood?

  6. OH I wish that I was as creative as you guys. I buy all of this stuff and it jsut sits in totes and never gets used! Great job on your cute space!

  7. Page! Hello! I painted the outside edges of the plaque black, then cut white cardstock to fit the inside oval. I like to cut it just a tiny bit too big, glue it on and let it dry and then use sand paper and sand right at the will cut the paper off just right. Then, I just used Mod Podge to glue the faces on and then a coat over top. When you make yours, post them on your blog...i wanna see.

  8. Oooooh! I love it! I wish I had the time right now to do some organizing at home. Hopefully I'll start this weekend. Great blog! Thanks for hosting!

  9. Those silhouettes are so delicious. I love the roundness of small children. Did you have to look up how to spell Silhouette? (I did)


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