Monday, January 25, 2010


Happy Monday!

The last six months or so I have been part of a card club that my friend Rachel organizes.  There are 14 ladies in the club, so every month you make 14 of one card on your own time (or 13, if you don't care about getting your own).  Then, you get together one night a month and exchange cards.  I make 14 of the same card and come home with 14 completely different ones.  It's a fun way to socialize and let out some creative juices and, not to mention, get some ADORABLE cards!  Rachel documents all the cards she gets and makes on her blog here.  If you're ever looking for cute card ideas, this is the place to go. Here are a few of my favorites that have been done lately....

   All of these cards can be found on Just Cards.  They are made, for the most part, from ladies that I know from Card Club.  Rachel doesn't tell us on the blog exactly who made each of them and I can't remember though, ladies, if you're out there and want your credit....let me know and I'll tag on your name.

What did I say...adorable, yes?  A lot of the ladies in the group have gobs of stamps and punches and a cricut and all kinds of things that make for some amazing cards. But, there are also plenty of us that aren't loaded with the goods and there are still some amazing cards to be made.  Check these out...

Got some cute coordianting scrapbook paper and scissors (or a paper cutter)?

How about some felt, a button and ribbon?

Check this out!  There is a stamp at the bottom (Thanks so much), but the turkey is just a bunch of cute paper cut into feather shapes. 

For this month, I decided to stitch a card to pass out at Card Club.   This is another type of card that doesn't require any stamps or specialized gear.  I get these patterns at Make and Takes, they have a handful of different patterns...all cute.
Back in the Spring I made this Father's Day inspired stitched card.....

For this month, I did the heart one...

Cute, yes? I love the simplicity of these stitched cards. I also love the idea of using a needle and thread and ending up with a greeting card. Fun! 

Did you know there was so many ways to make cards?  So, go make some!  Or, better yet, get some friends together and start up a card club!


PS: Thanks, everyone, for the help with my teal carpet last week!  I just kept using water and a shop vac and a bit of oxy clean and it's as good as new. Amazing. I also want to tell you that the area where we put down the cat litter was completely clean while we still had to cycle through the other area a few more times.  My sister, Betsy (the vet tech)  told me I shouldn't have used the clumping litter and that's why it was a solid mass. Ooops.  That's what I had, ya know?  No matter, though, after it was good and dry, I was able to break it up and suck it up without too much problem. But if you want to try cat litter in the future, I'd recommend it...just not the clumping kind.

PPS: I'm pretending that by making this yellow and blue and putting it in a PPS at the bottom, makes it a secret message that Andy will not be able to see.  I don't know if Andy wants you to know this, but tomorrow (the very day she'll be posting on here) is her BIRTHDAY! So wish a happy birthday to the super creative, loving, fun, tough and clever creator of Poppies at Play.


  1. out of the first 3, 2 are mine and the res one is linda's. I want to say the flower card is jens,lisa, or crystal. The shapes is from my card club from 5 years ago.

    K, I had carpet drama too. Someone left a blue sharpie on my floor and I thought it was candy so I took a diaper wipe and the thing that started smaller than a penny turned into a softball size mess. I did the same thing and did treatments with alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, hairspray,bleach, and oxyclean (I was desperate) and got it back to what it started as and a few days later I looked and it had magically disappeared! I hope yours does too!

  2. Great card ideas! I love the tree.

    Way too sneaky with the double highlighted double pps. You're sweet.

  3. Dang. The secret message didn't work. :)

  4. What fun to have a card exchange party! I love the idea and super cute cards :)

  5. Good idea and these are sooo pretty. Have got to give card making a go now;)

  6. What a great idea Hannah! I especially love the idea of getting a bunch of different ones each month.


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