Thursday, October 15, 2009

think about it Thursday...

This week I have been thinking about...shelves!!

As I approach the holiday season I know that if I am not organized I will be a crazy woman! This week alone I almost forgot my 4 year olds field trip, we have 2 birthdays, and it is fall break so the kids are home from school (yea!! kind of...). The weather is getting colder so my list of things to get done outside are getting longer! And I know that before long I will be spending a great deal of time INSIDE my home. Clutter drives me crazy so this year I am trying to get organized so I enjoy being cozy and STUCK inside my home all winter!

I mentioned last week that I LOVE to make lists and my favorite paper of choice is my beloved post-it pads. I seriously have them ALL over my house. For the last couple of weeks I have had a few stuck to the cabinets in my kitchen. (Yes...I did purposely take my before and after shots of last week low enough so you couldn't see my madness!) There has been an item on my lists for almost 3 years! 3 YEARS!!! Since the day that we moved into our house I have dreamed of the moment when I could cross this "to do" off! The problem was... it was is a project that I knew I couldn't do on my own. Nothing bothers me more that needing to wait for someone else to help me (in this case the mister). It got stuck in his hands be cause he isn't the "handiest" guy and he would need help from someone too!

So last Saturday my dreams came true!! Travis asked our good friend Joe (Andy's mister and seriously the worlds biggest "handy man" I have ever seen) to come and help him. And just like a matter of hours a "to do" 3 years old was crossed off my list! (Oh there is nothing funner than crossing stuff off of a list! Right??!! Maybe it is just me...)

So my challenge to you: Tackle something on your "to do" list this week. Maybe even something that has been put off for months or years. If it requires help...make a list...make a plan...and before you know it you will be crossing it off your list!

Just think about it....
Let me know what you were able to cross off your list...


  1. What hottie hubbies we have. Congrats on the big cross-off. That always feels so good!!

  2. Joe looks so he getting skinnier? The shelves look great!

  3. The shelves look great! I am crazy with lists, too ... I even put things like "dress kids" on my daily list JUST so that I can cross it off. Ahh, nothing better then that feeling!

    With Adam being home for Fall Break, I'm hoping some of my months-old list items will finally be scratched off. I'll let you know what ACTUALLY gets accomplished instead of telling what I HOPE gets accomplished. (Alas, it is his vacation, too...I must remember that he'll want some down time. Boo!) :)

  4. No it's not just you. I am a list maker (got it from my Mom. The woman lived by her lists) and nothing is more satisfying than finally crossing something off that list. Good work. The shelves look great!

  5. Wow, impressive! Those shelves are awesome. I'm not a list maker..maybe that's one of my organization problems. I have this list in my head but I really don't think that works too well!!
    And honestly I've made lists before, but I loose the lists. I think I'm a lost cause!!!! Am I really related to Katie??????

  6. Can I count working on my staircase that I've put off for 2.5 years?! I mean come on, any progress is something!! hehehe Suppose I need to actually FINISH it :)

  7. Linda...It totally counts! Progress is progress!

  8. hubby who are handy are the best! love your blog

  9. So I am so excited about this blog, I love craft blogs and I actually know/ realted to you so I dont feel stupid making comments.

    Anyways, I have a to-do involving shelves too, shelves in Maddox's room. Once these are put in his room, his big boy room will be COMPLETE! This is a year long project I have been working on. I will have to send you some pics when I am done OR you can come and visit and see them in person. :)


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