Thursday, October 15, 2009

Creative Cats Friday!!

I'm so not used to writing Friday next to Creative Cats.

Luckily you all seemed to handle the switch with grace!

Thanks for all of the amazing links last week!!

I had so much fun visiting all of your projects and I really got some great ideas that I'd like to copy. Creative Cats is going to have to be renamed "Copy Cats" because you make me want to do everything that you do!! Thanks so much for playing along. It really gives me something to look forward to.
Before we jump in I'd like to admit something....

I'm addicted.

I'm addicted to furniture.

I just love it.

We are in the process of moving right now. We actually sold our house!!!

I should be packing
and cleaning
and touching up paint.

Instead I getting sucked in by the end of season yard sales. The people that are buying our house asked to buy a lot of decor that we have in the home so I can sort of justify buying some new pieces {{right}}?!?

I have been CRAVING a sofa table forEVER and haven't been able to find one anywhere!! At least not at my cheapskate price. Well, on Monday as we were on our way to Costco to get hotdogs for dinner{{I told you I'm a cheapskate...10 bucks to feed a family of 7}} we drove past this beauty.

I really really wanted it and The Joe somehow managed to squeeze it into our mini-van. Can I just tell you how crazy excited I am to have it. It's going to be a high traffic piece so I bought some Krylon latex acrylic paint for it to wear. You can buy a quart size at Walmart in the basic colors for about $9.

At first I had visions of cute redness, but after it was done I decided that I didn't want to commit my new house to such boldness without getting a feel for it first. I played it safe and switched to black.
I threw some Knicky Knacks on it for a picture. Now I just have to add it to the pile of things to move in the garage.
When our house is done in about 6 mos. I'll put it in the entry way.
At times like these I wish I collected stamps instead of furniture. They would be so much easier to move.

Anyhoo, I'm excited and I hope you have had some projects this week that have made you giddy too. I'd love for you to throw some creative inspiration my way!! Link up a specific blog post, link back to Creative Cats and grab yourself a CC button!!

Have a fabulously creative weekend!!



  1. beautiful table! great job!
    ps thanks for hosting!

  2. The table was pretty before, but after is 'oh my'! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow, you always come up with amazing ideas to make something that once was ok, to fantastic! Thanks for sharing

  4. The table is gorgeous! You can never go wrong with black. My hubby would want to shoot me if I brought home a table when we were getting ready to move.

  5. That table is fantastic! It is my first linking up to Creative Cats Friday. Thanks for hosting a great party.

  6. You are killing me!! I have been looking for a sofa table forever and haven't had luck and you just see on a drive!!!

  7. The table is lovely. And how great that you sold your house! What a blessing in the current market. Good luck with moving:) I have switched from collecting clothes to collecting furniture too.


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