Friday, May 15, 2009

If you give a pig a pancake....

Have you read that children's book?  It always comes to mind when I put up a decoration.  It's just a catalyst to do something else in the room.  When I hung up my TP home yesterday it made me want to do something about this:  Since I don't have a cabinet in there, everything has ended up on this shelf and it's not the most attractive thing you've ever seen.  I thought it would be fun this morning to make it a bit cuter.  I scoured my mind trying to think of what I could snag from another room to stick up there, but I was drawing a blank. I decided just to make something.  This is the easiest artwork on the planet! I got a stray board from the wood shop and painted it white.  I taped tree trunk lines and painted them brown.  I used the inside of my tape to  trace three circles that I glued onto the tree trunks. Seriously easy right?? I brought in a  little box so I can still put some lotions or whatever in there and I stuck the branches I trimmed off of the bottom of our Poplar this morning in a vase.  I was able to do all while my kids ate their cereal! Now that's the kind of project I like!


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