Thursday, May 14, 2009

Everybody needs a place to hide their toilet paper.

When we moved into our house 3 years ago, it didn't have a bathroom on the main level. Since Joe is Mr. Do-it-yourself man we decided that we would put it in on our own.  To have the builders do it, it would have cost us about $2500. We are able to put it in for around $500. We went with a pedestal sink for two reasons. A...I think they are cute. And B....they costs less than putting in a cabinet.  I love the sink, but I do miss having a place to store my toilet paper.  I was lucky enough to find this cute little cabinet for $3 the other day.   I painted it white and sanded it quite a bit. My Sis-in-Law told me that she doesn't like things that are heavily distressed. It kind of gives her the creeps. I'm kind of the opposite. I probably wouldn't mind if my furniture was on the bottom of the ocean for a year before I used it.  OK, so maybe not to that extreme, but I do like it shabby.  For me it's a comfy homey feel.  So, sorry if my house creeps you out Deanne:)  After I sanded this little guy I rubbed it down with stain and used spray adhesive and paper to add a dash of color to the inside.

 My toilet paper finally has a home!!


  1. Wow, $500 for a bathroom, that's a deal! I don't have a bathroom on my main floor and would love to put one in, but I don't have the space. I love your new TP holder; I like the distressed look. I find that if I distress my furniture then it only looks better when my kids get to it.

  2. Home Sweet Home! Very nice.


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