Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stampin' the kitchen...take two

Well I decided to go with dots this time. You don't have to measure so that makes me happy! I started out with just white stamps.
I didn't quite like how that looked so I added some green and brown to give them some depth. I also painted over more than half of the original white dots because I felt it had a more modern feel with fewer circles. Stacking them also helped. I would show you a picture of the full kitchen but I didn't get a good pic. I can see something like this looking cute in a bathroom because they kind of look like bubbles.


  1. I think they would look really good in a bathroom for sure!

  2. I LOVE dots!!...and stripes for that matter. Anything to add interest. Very cute! BTW, the store I was talking about is the DownEast Outfitters Clearance Center. The address is 3505 W. 3500 S., West Valley. I've never been there before, but my friend said you can buy things for pennies on the dollar. They have everything from furniture to home decor to clothes.


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