Monday, March 2, 2009

Sweet Find

What's better than finding a cute little nightstand for $6??.... Finding a matching set! Pretty cool. I wanted to keep these so I didn't do as good of a job refinishing them as I would have if I was making them for someone else.  I used spray paint and the screws for my handles are too big so they aren't flush on the inside.

  Not to mention that I just used electrical tape to hold the pink paper on the inside of the doors. It really is cute paper though. You can' t tell from the picture, but there's a bunch of white swirly things and flowers.    I'm not really sure what I am going to do with them now. It seems as if they don't really fit anywhere.  I guess I should really take that into consideration before I buy something, but how could I pass them up for 6 bucks!  I found them at D.I.  Just a little FYI, if you are ever shopping at D.I. for something to refinish, I would suggest shopping in the back room.  I think they call it the yard area or the "as is" department.  The furniture back there is hit and miss, but the prices are much cheaper than the furniture the sell in the main part of the store. 


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