Monday, January 18, 2010


Happy Monday!

This is our playroom....

Cute, yes?  I can take no credit for it, as it was built by the previous owners.  Our house has a large crawl space. Half of it we use for storage.  The other half was turned into this great play area.  It's only about 3-4 feet tall....the perfect place for the kids to play!

This is what the playroom looked like on the inside. 

I've been wanting to spruce it up a little, so I bought a can of teal paint and used some old paint the previous owners left (which I thought was going to be lime green, but ended up much lighter...oh well) and painted away.  I also broke down and bought some chalkboard paint because I  knew this was the perfect place to have some fun with that.  I had seen some vinyl chalkboard clouds that I thought would be great in here, but, instead, I just used my paint.  I also bought an old, big painting from the thrift store....popped out the picture (I could have just painted right over the picture, but I want to use that part for something else), painted the wall behind it with the chalkboard paint and then nailed the frame to the wall.  Here's the end result...

I kinda love teal, but it's not a color you can get away with too much in decorating. But, I think this playroom was the perfect place! And the wall with the clouds is green, though it's quite light and looks almost like white.

Now, can I just tell you about one more thing?

My husband was messing around with his dad and tossed the quart of teal paint we had just purchased at Home Depot to him. 
Well, his dad missed....
the paint dropped to the floor....
the top popped off....
and, you guessed it....
Let's just say this beautiful teal paint isn't so pretty all over your living room carpet. 

This is my hubby...the best thing we found to do was pour on water and then suck it up with our shopvac. So, we've done that over and over and each time it seems to be a little better.  This is what it looks like right now.  Not too bad, right?  Hopefully, with time and more cleaning it will get even better.  I tell you what, though, when I walked in and saw that dark teal all over the carpet, I was sure we had no prayer of getting it clean.  Ahhh!  What a nightmare.  Also, someone suggested pouring kitty litter on it after dumping on the water...that the litter would soak the water right up...piment and all.  Well, we tried that on a portion of the stain and, although, it doesn't look blue in that area, it's now a big solid chunk of cat litter that we have no idea how to get up.  Any ideas out there, blogland?



  1. Nail polish remover? I use that on paint that my daughter gets on her clothes... Dump it, scrub rug, and soak it up?... Might want to go over it with something smelly after, like laundry soap or something like that, that stuff is prettttty strong

  2. We use baking soda to get out stains. That might work. You wet the area & then pour baking soda on it. Let it sit & then once it is dry...use your shop vac & suck it up. It works for throw up & pet stains. I hope it will work for you!

  3. I am *so* jealous of that playroom!

  4. I will ask my neighbor what they did when their two year old emptied a gallon of paint on the floor! You can't even tell that it happened today!
    I love the little playroom! It is perfect for hours of fun!!

  5. We spilled tan all over our bright white carpets one time... All I can remember doing was using Resolve (the one with the scrub brush on the top of the red bottle), water, towels and a vacuum. Good luck!

    The playroom is adorable.

  6. TRY Simple Green!!! It totally works for paint on carpet!!

  7. You can also try spot shot. You can get it at Walmart and you can even get a coupon online to print out. My friend dumped black paint on white carpet and this stuff got it out. Oh and she was in a rental!

  8. Don't use clumping cat litter, you silly.

  9. They have stuff called Krud Kutter that is awesome for removing paint from carpet. We found it when my niece paint red nail polish on our carpet. We found it in the paint section at WalMart.


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