Thursday, December 17, 2009

think about it Thursday...

Today I am thinking about the stuff that I love...

Seriously...I am sooooooo crafted out! Is that even possible? Yup...I think it is! I have been a crafting machine and I am not quite done. Of course none of this fabulous crafting I can show you because they are for gifts. So today I thought we should all sit back from our crafting and I will share some of my loves...some old and some new!

Like this adorably cute cup and plate!!! I found them both at Wal-Mart. The plate was $4 and the cup was $2. Isn't this just the cutest plate and mug for Santa's milk and cookies!!! We have never had an official set to use each year and when I saw these I just couldn't resist! (Plus I am a huge sucker for stripes and poka dots!)

I love LOVE love children's books!!! I probably own 200 for sure...(I know...another one of my addictions!) If you have never read The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey you absolutly must! It is by far in my top 3 of all time BEST books I have ever read! It makes me cry every single time!

Are you familiar with the Toot and Puddle books? Oh boy you are in for a treat! They are seriously super cute! This is the Christmas book....I LOVE IT!

This is a book from my childhood. When my parents were moving they let us go through their book collection so that they could down size and I snagged this little beauty! The story is so heartwarming and touching it makes me cry every single time.

Also a new addition to my Christmas decorations is this fun sparkley wreath. I picked it up at Roberts Craft at 60% off the origional price! Can't beat that! Every time I look at it I smile and get all happy inside...(hopefully I'm not the only one that new decorations do this to...I could stare at it all day long!)

Growing up my parents usually purchased a poinsetta plant, but since being married I have yet to buy one...this one was actually a gift from my visiting teacher...I have decided that I LOVE it soooo much that it must be added to my list of traditions for every year.

So there you have it...some things that I love!

What things do you already have that you love?

Think about it...


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