Thursday, August 6, 2009

A hodgepodge post

This is just going to be a mix of everything because I feel like my brain is all over the place. Yesterday I made a pegboard for my newest niece Zoey. I took it over to Kathy's house because they were driving to California to see them and that saves me some $$ on shipping.  On the way home I stopped at the Provo Craft outlet in Lindon. Man oh Man there were some screamin deals yesterday. I used a few things I picked up to redo the entry shelf

 I bought the large blue candles for $.75 each.  Oh, yeah baby. They were on the "last chance" table. I love those words along with words like clearance, markdowns, as-is, final sale....well, you get the idea and I'm sure you love a good deal too.  I bought the glass candle holder things for a quarter each and the red buckets for a buck each. I figured that I could just stack the candle holders and candles on the shelf and then pull them off whenever I felt like illuminating the room.  I got the blue frames a couple weeks ago at a garage sale and they were 3 for a dollar. Yippeee!!! I also stopped on the way home and peeked into DI to see if they had any treasures. I found this vintage rocker for $10.   I've so missed having a rocker on my porch. I had one last summer that I painted and sold and my poor porch has been lonely ever since. I'm so happy to have this little  green guy. Well, that's about it for now...I'm off to turn in Kindergarten papers...have a wonderful day!


  1. I especially love those red buckets! How in the world do you find so many amazing things at DI? Seriously! Love the looks great with your door.

    Is the Provo Craft Outlet still only open on certain days, or can you go anytime? I need to get there!

  2. Not fair! I want a Provo Craft outlet! Such deals:)

  3. Andy- you make the best peg boards... I wish you were my aunt! : )

    Great deals too!


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