Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Creative Cats Tuesday!

Welcome to Creative Cats! A day for you to link up and share some of your diy ideas and projects. Because school is just around the corner I have decided to try and help the kids get back into the swing of things with some learning activities.  Luckily I know of a golden blog that is actually made by my SIL Valerie. She used to teach 1st grade and preschool and she blogs about all of her teaching ideas. The site is called Piece of Cake. She has so many great learning activities and suggestions for reading materials as well as links to other sites.  It's the perfect place to look for back to school activities!  To start the morning off I had my younger children do a coloring page to practice writing their numbers and then we made number books.
 The books were a lot of fun and very easy to make.  I took Val's suggestion and folded papers with an equal space between them to create a book that you can have the kids decorate with stickers or whatever you have. I just cut out scraps of paper that they glued on to match the number on the page.  I had the older ones write and illustrate stories to practice spelling and punctuation.  After the learning activities we had fun with crafts because of a book that my mom gave to me. It shows you how to make animals out of household objects.  I got some wooden spoons at DI for $.50 each and the kids made sharks and crocodiles.  The kids traced some paper to match the top of the spoon for the mouth, then they painted and decorated. They had so much fun!  

I was also wanting to share some fun ideas from Sew Can Do. Cheryl makes great things for kids. My favorites are a stunning toy chest re-do and I love her bags.

 Check her out more of her stuff HERE. 
Thanks for the link Cheryl!

Now it's your turn!! What have you been up to my friends?? I'm excited to see all of your creativity. Creative Cats welcomes creativity in all shapes and forms so link up with a specific post url and let us come and take a peek at your talent!! Grab yourself a Creative Cats button from the sidebar after you link! 


  1. Wow! those spoon animals are really terrific!

  2. Making books was so much fun as a kid! What fun!
    P.S. I linked up to Creative Cats! :)

  3. How Awesome! I love your site! I just found it and got to participate in your link up! Thank you. Can't wait to see more!


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