Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The knack of nick-nacks/ Creative Cats

Welcome to Creative Cats today! I just have to say that my computer is as slow as mud today and I'm not much faster...so hopefully you'll get to see this post sometime today. I did a little research about decorating shelves and I found an awesome article on HGTV.  They gave 14 tips on how to decorate shelves or really anything that you could put stuff on top of.  I wanted to keep them, so I'm making a post about them.  Here is the link if you want to see all of their pictured examples: 14 Decorating Tips
  • Your interests and hobbies should come thru in what you choose to display on your shelves.
  • Group items by theme, color, shape, texture or material on shelves to unify your display.                                                                                    Picture by Real Simple
  • Collections. Whatever you collect deserves pride of place in your home.                                                            Picture by Not on the High Street
  • Choose bigger, bolder accessories that will stand out on your shelves.
  • Aim for balance, not symmetry. Asymmetrical arrangements of 3,5 or 7 add a subtle element of surprise.
  • Have combinations of short, medium and tall objects.                                                                                      Picture by Superstock.com
  • Make your shelves shine with glass, crystal and silver objects.
  • Place large, tall items at the back of the shelf and work your way to the front creating layers and depth.
  • If your decorating style leans towards an uncluttered look, your decorative shelves should reflect that.  
  • Group books by color, size, or subject and instantly create sense of order.                                                                                                                                             Picture by HGTV
  • Shelves are a great place to display art and photos and they make it a snap to rotate new pieces into your home gallery.                                                                     Picture by HGTV
  • Place objects on the top of bookshelves or cabinets to highlight tall ceilings or simply provide space to display big dramatic pieces.                                                              Picture by Freshome.com
  • Illuminate your shelves to spotlight your arrangements and give added importance.
So, yeah, my contribution to Creative Cats isn't really something creative I have done- but something will do after seeing all of these cute pictures!  Now it's time for something way more exciting because it is something from YOU!! It's Creative Cats Tuesday, our creative show and tell. 
 Please feel free to link up anything that you have done that takes a bit of creativity on your part.  After you have linked, grab yourself a creative cats button from my side bar.  Make sure you link a specific post and not your blog URL. Link back to Poppies at Play so other people can play along.  I am going to be gone all day long, so I will take a look at all of your amazing projects later on tonight.  We will not be having CC next week because I'll be at girls camp, so this is it for a couple of weeks! Have fun and happy creating!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the shelf decorating tips. My shelves are usually empty unless they have books on them and I just haven't known where to start to decorate them.


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