Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I haven't really figured out for sure what I want this thing to be yet.... but hey.... the good news is that it's just about done... all except for making the top. We took it completely apart to paint it.  Joe was such a sweetheart to help me put this sucker back together even after he spent hours on the drywall downstairs. I know it was probably the last thing he was thinking about doing, but he was kind enough to help me out. It took a little more time than I was thinking it would... doesn't that always happen?!? We replaced the back with bead board, traded the little small knob with a more substantial gate handle, I covered the shelves with burlap and painted and stained the rest of it!  It's nice to have this one mostly done. It's been one of those projects that is more annoying than fun for some reason. I do like how it's turning out, so that makes it all worth it! We picked this up while we were out hitting garage sales a couple weeks ago. The family was trying to move and they were selling a TON of stuff. That's where I picked up the desk that I redid last week as well. I saw the door of the cabinet in the back of a huge pile of stuff. I almost didn't even ask about it because it was so buried, but after hearing that they'd sell it to me for $5 I changed my tune and we tied it to the top of the van and hauled it out of there! I have it in my front room for now until we finish the basement and move things around. I'll have to think about what place would work best. Any suggestions?!? Have a wonderful weekend and we'll hang next week!!


  1. LOVE how you transformed it and what a steal @ only $5! The "This" and "That" on the drawers is adorable :)

    Have a wonderful Thursday!
    (Treasure the Moment)

  2. Talent streams out of your body! Darling!

  3. I love the 'this' and 'that' storage! Looks good!

  4. At that price and after your great transformation, I would wear it on my head and be happy with it! lol, seriously though, now that it is done, I am sure that the perfect place will come to you.

  5. I so love this cabinet! I love love love it and love the white! You did a wonderful job on this!

  6. Wonderful new cabinet. The price is unreal

  7. Wow!!! it's amazing. You have got fantastic talent. I just love it.


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  8. Andrea, I got you some cool things to make even cooler--and I got them at a yard sale and I only spent $5--I think that means they qualify, right?

  9. Whatever you call it, it's dang cute!!! And $5????? GOOD HEAVENS that was a lucky find.
    Yahoo for you!


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