Monday, July 13, 2009

Creative Cats Tuesday!

Welcome to Creative Cats everyone!! For my project today I'm doing a bit of sewing(don't laugh)...Here in Eagle Mountain we have an enormous clothing exchange that our church provides for the community.  They collect gently used clothing all year long and about a month before school starts they let people come in with garbage bags and get as much as they would like.  This thing is HUGE. You would not believe the amount of clothing that they collect in a years time.  It fills an entire LDS Stake Center. Every room including the gym is packed with clothing.  Everything that's left over is donated to the boys and girls club.  It's pretty cool...OK, sorry I got side tracked, anyhoo I found this cute pink skirt at the exchange. It was too big, but I thought, "hey, I bet I could take that in."  Once I got home and started thinking more clearly I remembered that it was ME I'm talking about and I'm sure I couldn't take something in and make it look good. Time to implement plan"b".  I cut the top of the skirt off and stuck it in the sewing machine(I said don't laugh). 

 I stuffed it with an old pillow and sewed another seam just above the ruffle.
  I'm using it for a throw pillow in my front room.  Close inspection of this project is strictly prohibited.  Sewing is not my forte.  I am however excited to see what your forte is! Please feel free to link up today and share a bit of your creativity with us. Any and all forms of creativity are welcome and appreciated! Leave me a comment so I know that you've linked and grab yourself a CC button.  If you find yourself impressed with all of the talented people who link up(like I always am) make sure and leave them some comment love! I know they'll appreciate it! Happy Tuesday!!


  1. That turned out so cute! I'm with you, sewing crafts is much easier than sewing clothes!

  2. At first I thought you were turning it into a skirt! But LOVE the pillow!

    Here's my sewing transition:

  3. Cute idea. Glad I am not alone with my laughable sewing skills!

  4. That is one crazy-cute idea! I wasn't expecting that at all! Good jorb.

    Here's my link--I can't seem to make Mr. Linky work.

  5. I LOVE checking out your site for new inspiration. I linked to yours I hope what I did was something you were wanting.


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