Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Money Tree..

My cutie Sis-in-law is graduating from BYU tomorrow! I'm so excited!! She is super awesome. I thought we would just give her money, but that sounded a wee bit boring so I decided to make her a money tree. I used some foam thing-a-ma-giggers, a dowel and a little blue vase from my cupboard....oh and of course...MONEY!! I used long pins with the balls on the ends to tack the cash down. If you want to try this don't use little push pins, they fall out. You need longer pins.

Ha ha! Ok, so it didn't turn out quite as cute as it looked in my mind...but I'm sure you could probably come up with a cute way to do it. My only advice would be to buy a smaller foam ball for the top. I had a hard time making it look full and so I added some paper filler to take up some space. I had good intentions of buying some moss or something to put on top of the foam in the vase, but I forgot so I just rounded up some coins from around the house..hey it works with the whole money theme right?? The other project I was working on today was a gift for a wedding shower on Saturday. I decided to try a stitching project. I have NO IDEA why I picked something that I have never done before-maybe I was just looking for a way to frustrate myself:) Everything on the planet went wrong with it. I'm really kind of in shock that it isn't in the garbage by now. I ran out of the color of thread I needed twice, I used spray adhesive to attach it to the backing and I glued it in backwards. Aarrgghhh{me shaking my clenched fist in the air}. It really wasn't all that bad. I think I'm still riding on yesterday's frustration of a gallon of paint exploding in the back of my van. Ever have one of those days?? Or one of those weeks?? At least I got to dance around with my kids to the High School Musical Soundtrack. That was the highlight of my day for sure! Yay!! It just turned into Friday!! I guess that means it's way past my bedtime! Have a great weekend!!


  1. OMG! I love them both! The money tree rocks. I like the idea of the change for the dirt!

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