Friday, April 3, 2009

Mantel, mantel, on the wall...

I just decided to go with black for the mantel so it can be pretty versatile. Nothing too overly exciting. What was overly exciting is when I placed it up against the wall and put my favorite painting on top and when I walked into the kitchen I heard the whole thing crash to the floor!! Ahhhhhh! I had a heart attack!! The top of the mantel broke off on one side, but it will be easy to tack back down. My painting was fine, which is what I was most worried about. My cousin Rebecca painted it and gave it to me. I am in serious love with it and I would be so sad if it broke!! Here's a picture of it. It still isn't attached to the wall that's why it looks like it's sitting at an angle. I just wanted to see how it looked before I made it permanent. Try also to ignore the material hanging from the bottom of the bench cushions. I still haven't finished that yet:) Have a happy weekend!!!


  1. Every room needs a little bit of black in it to ground the room! Love the mantle. You find the best stuff!

  2. That would have scared me to death! I love your mantle and it is the perfect color.


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