Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Side Tables

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So remember these side tables I purchased a little bit ago?
I got the first one done and then I was dragging my feet taking on side table #2. I think it's harder to have to make the same thing. It's not as exciting. It was especially hard for me to get motivated since I couldn't find a place to put them. I got really motivated because I saw this on Leigh's blog. It is a bed turned bench. I fell in love and looked everywhere I could find for a head and footboard so I could try it. I didn't have much luck. This morning I thought why not try to make a bench with my side tables?? I actually found a board in the garage that was exactly the right size for the top. It used to be the top of my mom's old entertainment center. Isn't that the coolest?? I don't know how that worked out, but I'll take it!! I took off the crown moulding and nailed it to the top of my side tables. If you would like to try something like this and don't happen to magically have the right size of board sitting in your garage you can always buy a piece of mdf at home depot. They'll even cut it for you. You could also check out their wood scraps in the back of the store. Anyhoo, after I got it nailed on I just painted it black I'll just need to buy some handles to put on #2.


  1. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! You are so creative, can you just come to my house and give me some ideas???!!! (I like no dots)

  2. You are so creative! Wow! I think instead of painting dots on the bench I would make a bench pad with some cool fabric.

  3. Hey girl! You're amazing!!! I loved your new bench. You can make a pad from Cassie's ideia, or make a runner with the same paper you used on the doors and find a glass for the top. This way you can use it like a console, wherever :p
    If I can write in portuguese would be much better kkk. I found a nice blog, maybe you like to spy, bye


  4. That is absolutely gorgeous. First time finding your blog. Love the bench idea!

  5. This is awesome.And I love that you did it all by your little self.Gorgeous...Ann

  6. I absolutely LOVE it! This inspires me. I've been wanting some kind of storage bench cabinety kinda thing for the entry in my home. I want to start hunting for something to convert now!


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