Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Let's grow old together

I listened to a talk this weekend about making your spouse the most important person in your life, only second to God.  It really touched my heart and made me question myself.  Am I giving my best time and attention and energy to my husband? Probably not. Can I improve? Most certainly.  Is it worth the effort? YES! I want to hold on to the love that we have. I want to make it stronger.  I want to grow old with my true love and share every part of my life with him.  I want to spend years creating our laugh lines together and when I look at my wrinkly self in the mirror, I want to smile and think of the memories we've shared and our future together.  


  1. Hello and good morning! That was so beautiful! Wish to both of you true happiness together... God bless.

  2. Great advice, there is always room for improvement in life especially when it comes to our loved ones. Love the cute sign, great reminder.

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