Monday, October 10, 2011

Kitchen Sign~

Remember the cabinet door I bought for a few bucks?  
Well, initially it had 5 squares.

I chopped off a couple and used the larger piece to make this headboard shelf

I was able to salvage one of the remaining squares to use as a frame for a kitchen sign.
I cut some 1/4'' mdf strips to glue to the center to give it a plank sort of look.

After brushing the slats with a coat of green paint and glueing them into place it was ready for vinyl

I wanted to include everything I love about the kitchen in the sign.
It always seems to be a gathering place where we can hang out, enjoy ourselves and make lasting memories!

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  1. Andy... wonderful job! I am amazed at how you took a simple cabinet door and transformed it into these creative projects. The kitchen sign makes me smile - it reminds me of the crazy fun we have in our kitchen. Thanks for sharing!! AJ


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