Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bookshelf Love~

Do you dream about bookshelves?
I do.

We are in process of deciding what type of built-ins we'd like to tackle.
We have a front room with a slanted wall, and this pictures just about pushed me over the edge.

Do you have built-ins in your home?

If so, where? Do you use them for books? 

Or do you use them for knickity knacks?

I absolutely love the idea of having a ladder next to a bookshelf.
Do any of you actually have one? Is it practical with young kids?

Sometimes when I am searching the web for inspiration, 
it takes me a long time to find things that I love.

Not the case with bookshelves, there are too many to love.

What are your bookshelf dreams?


  1. Wow, love this post! I do have a built in, but I've never paid much attention to it except to throw books in. Now, I think I might paint it white and spruce it up! So THANK YOU!!

  2. I dream about a room like the library in Beauty and the Beast, on a smaller scale of course. I'd love a two-story library like the one in My Fair Lady. And of course and ladder is a must! Readers unite!

  3. I have chosen you for a stylish blogger award...check it out on my blog....

  4. I LOooooOVe bookshelves too! esp. the 2nd photo you posted! :)

  5. i love the idea of a ladder beside built-in bookshelves too!

  6. Deep bookshelves to hold all the quilts I have made and collected. Built-ins to be exact in an alcove in my living room.


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