Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wooden Weathered Tulips Tutorial~

Say that title ten times fast. Phew! What a mouth full.

Here's an easy way to bring a little spring inside. 
Actually we're pushing into summer with the weathered look, but that's even better!

Scraps of mdf for the flowers
A 3/4''X36'' piece of wood
A wooden dowel 
A scrap piece of of 2X4 for the base

Band or Scroll Saw
Mitre Saw(or hand saw)
Pneumatic nail gun(or hammer and nails)

First Step:
Drill a hole into your 3/4''X 36'' board. 
Pick a drill bit that is the same size or a tiny bit bigger than your wooden dowel.

You don't have to drill very far. Just enough for your dowel to fit in snuggly.

After you drilled a hole, chop a little square off of the top with your mitre saw and drill another hole.
It's easier to drill the holes if you don't cut them into small blocks before hand. 

After drilling and cutting you should end up with 6 blocks that look like this:

Next, cut your wooden dowel into 3 different lengths. 
If you are using a mitre saw, hold the dowel tightly so it doesn't fly up and hit you,
 and don't forget your safety glasses.
{{Is it obvious that I didn't do that??...Hence the warning}}

Stick a little wood glue on each end of the dowels and push them into your wooden blocks. 
The dowels should fit very snuggly!

Cut pieces of the 2X4 to use as the bases.

Now it's time to make the flower heads. 
Draw 3 tulip shapes onto scraps of mdf and cut them out with a band or scroll saw

Sand and paint everything!

I'm sure all of you crafty crafters have your favorite way of distressing, so use whatever technique is your favorite. I was hoping to give them a sun bleached look, so I painted a little white paint on top of the base coat and sanded.

Tack all the pieces together with a nail gun and you're ready to roll!

If you're not diggin the flowers, cut whatever shape you're into right now! 
Little birds, or hearts, or even square blocks with lettering.  

Be creative and have fun! 


  1. You're assuming that we're talented enough to draw a tulip shape that doesn't look like...poo. :) I really need to get a mitre saw so I can copy all of your super cute ideas!

  2. cute! I featured this at

  3. These are so cute! You have me wishing for spring :)


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