Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More party giveaways!!!

I hope your still in the mood to party because we'll be
celebrating the awesomeness of Poppies at Play followers all week!!!

I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying reading all of your comments.
You are very entertaining and I wish I could have you all over for a ladies night out!!

A big huge congrats to 
Danielle @ Savvy Chic Home!!!
for winning the FULL BLOG MAKEOVER by Courtney!!
Danielle loves to read blogs to relax!
I'm pretty sure we all agree with you Danielle!!!
We're excited to see the "new you" coming soon!!!

Now for today's giveaways!!
Marilyn from Krafty Mum
Has generously offered one of her cute
hippo appliqued onesies!

You can pick the size and whether you'd prefer a onesie with
long or short sleeves!
Marilyn has so many cute products for sale! Check out her Etsy site: 
Click and Stitch 

Marilyn's work is just darling! 
She hand crochets the trim around the neck, which gives them
an extra personal touch and sets them apart from other similar products on the market! 

When you visit Krafty Mum you'll find that Marilyn has a large variety of talent 
which include scrapbooking, woodworking and of course sewing which she has done since she was 13!
She even sewed her own prom and wedding dresses!
Very cool!!! 
Stop by her blog and Etsy site!!!
Thanks so much Marilyn!!

We also have another fabulous giveaway today!

Coretta from Corettadeesign

Is giving you a choice of one of these darling Tatties!

Here's Coretta to tell us about herself and her work:

I started tatting when I was recovering from a surgery, years later I had my second baby girl. I learned from the first girl that headbands and clips don't work for my girls or me so I started tatting little lace decals for my baby girl to wear.

Tatties adhere to the scalp using surgical jelly / KY, Karo syrup, and I've even been told elmers glue (I haven't tried it because the jelly and karo work so great).

I made them especially because my little one didn't have any hair to speak of for about a year, but she continues to wear them now and my 6 year old didn't want to miss out on the fun and so she wears them too. I cover the back of the Tattie with karo syrup (or jelly) and it sticks all day long... and then some.

My girls have never lost a tattie.
 They are low profile and are great to have on when the hats and bonnets come off!

I also tat jewelry and embellishments and am always trying to create new designs.
I tat to relax, to create and to enjoy.

 Hope you enjoy!

Coretta is incredibly talented!
You will be amazed with the designs she comes up with. Check out her OWLS.

I love these!!
My girls don't have hair until they are four and they rip headbands and bows off in seconds!
What a perfect solution!

They'd also be a GREAT gift for baby showers!!!

Stop by her ETSY shop today!! She's has great products and great prices!!

Thursday morning we will announce 2 winners!
1 winner of the hippo bodysuit.  You choose size and if it has long or short sleeves.
1 winner of a Tattie. You choose either the Classic Pink Butterfly or Holiday Pumpkin.

To enter you must answer yet another question!
What is one of your favorite movies?

Good Luck!
*be sure to stop by the sites of today's contributors!
They've been so sweet to donate gifts!


  1. Congratulations on reaching 1000 followers! That is an awesome achievement!

    I read your blog regularly, although I don't comment, I've been inspired by your posts. Thanks for sharing.

    As I don't do giveaways on my blog, I'm not comfortable entering your giveaways (I don't think it's quite fair to enter if I don't reciprocate) but I HAD to come and say a huge thank you for sharing the tatting giveaway. I just attempted my first tatting this summer. I've not seen any blogs about tatting before and I was enthralled by the projects of this tatter. I immediately clicked over and subscribed to her blog.

    I had to come back and thank you so much for sharing! Keep up the great work!

  2. Hmmm, one of my favorite movies . . . I would say would be Some Kind of Wonderful. I even played drums all through school because of that movie (and dreamed of cutting my hair off--which I eventually did).

    Thanks Andi.

  3. My favorite movie is the notebook!! It makes me cry everytime.

  4. There are way too many to choose from, but I LOVE LOVE 'A Pyromaniac's Love Story.' So darn cute! (And Pirates of the Caribbean, of course, but that goes without saying.)

  5. My all time favorite movies is Empire Records!! I love oldies!!!

  6. My favorite movie is Labyrinth. I had a major crush on David Bowie when I was 5! This has been so much fun! :)

  7. Wow those are such cute things! Too bad i don't have kids yet! I love "dreaming my dreams" btw. I have had your blog open for awhile now just replaying that song, it's so good! Favorite movie is a hard one, first one that comes to mind is the skeleton key (not all time favorite) but i just watched it and it was so good!

  8. Yay thank you for the makeover! I'm so looking forward to it.
    I Don't expect t win another one but I have a little girl on the way and my favorite movie is Gone with the Wind.

  9. While You Were Sleeping for sure. It's got a little bit of everything and always makes me laugh no matter how many times I watch it. My brothers and sisters and I can quote the whole thing start to finish.

    Also love 'Charade' with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. CLASSIC pair.

  10. I just love your blog!!! One of my favorite movies is The Notebook. LOVE IT!!!!!

  11. Sooooo cute Coretta! One of my favorite movies is The Count of Monte Cristo.

  12. One of my favorite movies is Pure Country! First saw it when I was 16 and into country music of course, and was absolutely spellbound the entire movie. Now I can see that it is kind of cheesy (17 years later!) but the sentimentality of it, makes it one of my favorites still. =)

  13. I love these! My favorite movie that I never get tired of watching is The Grinch.

    snowsquirt86 at hotmail dot com

  14. I want to wint his one!! One of my favorite movies is The Simple Life of Noah Deerborn. Such a feel good movie. I highly recommend it.

  15. The Lucky Winner-is my favorite (I don't know if that's even a movie, I just hope I'm the winner :) )

  16. The Anne of Green Gables series. I love the chemistry that Anne and Gilbert have. That's a love that you know will last. :)

  17. One of my all time faves is Con Air!

  18. How cute! One of my favorites is Gone With the Wind!

  19. Cute, cute, cute. One of my favorite movies is Pretty Woman.

  20. So cute! My favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice the BBC version. Can't get enough of Colin Firth!

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