Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day #2. Enter to win full blog makeover!!

Day #2-OOO
First things first.
Yesterday's big winners are 
anything that involves chocolate!
At least they were the most popular desserts.
The two winners of the Halloween Vinyl are:
[D&A Hale]
Who loves hot apple pie and icecream
Savannah Jensen
Who loves banana cream or chocolate pie
{{soul sister. Love that banana cream!}}

Your comments made me crave sugary goodness 
so I had to break down and make cookies with the kidlets.

Only the best moms let their kids make cookies AND eat suckers at the same time right?!. Lol. 
Mira calls aprons "weapons".  
"Are you wearing your weapon Mom?"
"Why, yes I am Mira. My secret weapon."

We all know you can't have a party without goodies.
I wouldn't want to be breaking any party rules!

Now that we've all indulged ourselves with our favorite desserts, 
or at least dreamt of doing so,
let's get down to business with our next great giveaway!

This giveaway is brought to you by Courtney at

Courtney has graciously offered to give one lucky reader
a complete blog makeover!!
Are you as excited as I am about this one??
Courtney is very creative and has used her talents to design
The header and background for

The header, background and buttons for

And a full blog makeover for

Here she is to tell us a little bit about herself!

First I want to say congrats to Poppies at Play for 1000 followers! That is such an exciting moment for them and I’m so privileged to be hosting a giveaway in honor of this.

I guess I’ll tell you a quick little bit about myself. My name is Courtney. I’m a 21 year old Nursing student, working on finishing my last semester so I can hopefully graduate in December!
I don’t have a whole lot of time for extra things but I love to cook and be crafty. I’ve also recently found a passion for Blog Design…
It started with just me toying around with my own design. Gradually, however, I got emails from other people asking if I designed for others. I’d never done it before but decided to give it a shot. It turns out I LOVE designing for others! I get so excited when I find a new email from someone I’m helping with new stuff for me to work on :) 
Here’s a few samples of design elements I  make...
And more. Check out my Custom Designs page on my blog for more details!

Courtney is fabulous and I'm sure you'd be thrilled to have her give your blog a brand new look
which will include:
Blog Background
Blog Header
Any Blog Buttons you'd like
Navigation Bar
Post Signature
Titles and Dates Font Installation

Pop over and check out her site
Courtney has a passion for cooking, crafting, photography and much more!
I'm sure you'll find some inspiration by paying her a visit.  

Stop by and thank her for her generous giveaway!!

Here's the question of the day:

What is your favorite thing to do to RELAX?
Leave a comment with the answer to this question along with your email address if it's not easily found in your profile.

Winner will be announced Wednesday morning.
Pop back by for a chance to win a little body suit with a darling hippo applique brought to you by 
Krafty Mum!
a super cute tattie brought to you by CorettaDeesign


  1. Oh I am totally in need of a new *do*!! I love that you are celebrating!!! And that is so sweet about weapons!!

    I read to relax. Give me a good book and I am instantly in a different world.

  2. I like to do restorative yoga to relax. A nice cup of tea and a good book also help. I need a blog makeover badly! Congrats on 1000!

    Amy R.

  3. Just started a new blog and have been struggling to make it look decent! Would love a makeover. My favorite thing to do to relax is call my best friend. It feels so good to just sit and chat on the phone and forget all my responsibilities for awhile.

  4. My most favorite thing to do for relaxing is read on the beach! Fortunately I get to do this often living close to the coast. I go through beach withdraws during the winter, but still love to bundle up and just sit and listen to the waves.

  5. Why read blog of course! I would love a blog makeover.

  6. To relax I sit in the tub and read a good book. It doesn't get any better . . . to me!

  7. Ooo...my FAVORITE thing would be to lay in a hammock in the shade and read the day away...LOVE to read!

  8. I could use so blog love in the way of a great makeover. I can always relax with a good book and some hot cocoa.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I love to redecorate and rearrange my house!

  11. To relax.... rearrange furniture, shop thrift stores or read!!! Love the cute blogs Courtney has done! :) Waaay cute!!

  12. A good book, a glass of light wine, soothing music and a soak in my new jacuzzi tub! Makes for one happy Mama! Michellekdeshon@hotmail.com

  13. Uh-oh, am I really going to admit this? My favorite thing to do to relax is spend...ahem...special time with my husband. Needless to say, Adam loves it when I start to get stressed. Ha!

    Love your secret weapon. I may have to get myself an apron just so I can call it that. Maybe having a weapon in the kitchen will improve my cooking skills. :)

  14. A good book. Or a snuggle with the kids on the trampoline (but they are getting too "cool" for that anynore). :)

  15. I am totally unoriginal -- I watch TV, then eventually fall asleep from sitting too long, and dream of a blog makeover! Thank you for the opportunity!

  16. my favorite thing to do to relax is craft! I pull out my crafts or paint and start working on my projects that i have on my to-do list. I love finishing projects..and when i get them done i feel so accomplished. :) sounds weird but it relaxes me


  17. Well, since I am a fan of the saying "Do Something Creative Everyday" I like to make something. As small as a bookmark, play around with a "step" in cardmaking, or even do "research" for an upcoming project. Sounds like work doesn't it? Ha ha.
    Love the Secret Weapon -told my mom about it this morning and she laughed as hard as I did -oh, and the lollie pop & cookies is definitely the sign of a good mom. :)

  18. I have 7 kids ages 11 & under so relaxation time for me is CHERISHED! My favorite time is naptime, between 12-3pm when everyone is either at school or napping, except one special little 4 year old girl who is a sweetheart.

    She and I, cuddle in my big king size bed, she with her blanket and I with mine. I lay on my side and surf blogs on my laptop, while she quietly plays and then eventually falls asleep with her back right next to mine. It is the coziest, most dreamy and peaceful time for me - I look forward to it every day.

    Then, I take a nap too. =)

  19. I would love to spice up my blog. To relax. . I take a bath and flip thru magazines. Only wish I could bring my laptop and flip thru blogs. . .thanks for the opportunity to win!! And congrats on 1000 followers

  20. Yay for me! I never win! What are the chances of twice in a row.... ha ha. I love reading a good book to relax!

  21. Relax? Not too sure what that word means anymore! But, in the slim chance I do get a minute to relax, I reach right for my knitting. I love the feel and texture of the knitting, and it is something I can do without thinking! I also just started a new blog...lvcraftygirls.blogspot.com and would love a new makeover! :)

  22. There are several things I do, depending on HOW MUCH I need to relax! Reading, especially while in the tub, is probably my favorite! I also love to knit and refinish furniture (yes, for fun!)

  23. My favorite relaxing activity is to watch my favorite shows and surf the Internet at the same time. If there also snacks, awesome! A blog makeover will be the best thing to happen to me! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  24. My favorite thing to do to relax is to go over to my sister's house and have a good chat with her while our kids play!!!

  25. I tat to relax. I love to create and it's something I can take anywhere (and usually do).
    you know my email.

  26. I ....sleep....to relax! Ha ha. Seriously. My kids need to get the drift that night time is when we sleep so that I am not so tempted all day long to get a little bitty shut eye......(snore)

    Anyway. I wrilly wrilly want to get a blog makeover. I just took my blog down because it was so "what not to wear" in a bloggity kind of way.

    So yea. Pick me please!

  27. Relaxing for me always involves catching up on sleep!!

  28. Hi,

    Well, I love to read like everyone else, but since that has been so popular, I'll tell you my other favorite relaxation exercise... It's a bubble bath! I love to take a quiet, relaxing bubble bath, with scented candles and bath beads. I just soak the stress away, as long as my kids don't come knocking ;) Sometimes I combine the two and read in the bath, bot most of the time I just close my eyes and soak. So refreshing!!

    I try really hard but there are so many things I would like to do on my blog that I just can't figure out. A makeover would help a lot.


    Audra Lystrup

  29. Wow!! What a generous giveaway!! To relax I love to lay out on my tramp and read. I guess anywere peaceful would count, but the sunshine is always good too:)

  30. Craft! Of course!

  31. I've been wanting a makeover for a while!! woo-hoo!! I DEFINITELY take a bath to relax . . . nothing better!!


  32. There is nothing like working out with like-minded ladies to burn this fat on this body to get me to relax. After two babies I feel I deserve a little R&R for myself and that is it!

  33. Watch a movie!

  34. I love to read. Its the best way for me to relax.

  35. My favorite thing to do to relax is either sit outside and flip through a magazine, or sit on my couch and browse through my favorite crafty blogs!


  36. My favorite thing to do on a daily basis is read blogs -I can lose myself for hours. Ahhh pure bliss

  37. Give me an electric sander and some thrift store find and I am smiling!

  38. My favorite way to relax is to sit outside and watch my kids play. I love to watch their little imaginations at work and I still get to sit by myself in peace - best of both worlds.

  39. Love your 'weapon'! I think I'll call mine by that name.
    My favorite way to relax involves: candles, bubbles, Josh Groban and a locked bathroom door!! It doesn't happen very often, so I make the most of it when it does.

  40. I don't get to relax very often with 2 kids.. and a full time job - but when I do relax I uaully lock myself in the bathroom and take a hot bubble bath. I never have time for music or candles... but its still good to me :)

  41. Sitting in a comfy chair with a great book and some yummy snacks.

  42. OMGoodness I so need this blog makeover! I am tired of the stuff I came up with and cannot for the life of me center my header and have obviously given up since it's still not centered! I would absolutely love to win as would everyone else of course! Now down to business...what helps me to relax is fishing out in the water at the beach. All I hear are waves and it's just me and my pole waiting for a bite looking out at the beautiful sky and ocean. Of course my kiddoes are behind me jumping in the waves and scaring the bejeebers out of me so my ideal fishing trip would have to be myself and hubby. And not like our last trip when I accidentally made his new rod and reel go overboard in the boat...that wasn't a pleasant trip! OK..done babbling..I'd love the makeover btw!



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