Thursday, September 30, 2010

Decorative plates and DIY plate stands

I picked up a few plates at the dollar store today.

I wanted to have "trick or treat" plates, including the definition of each word.

If you don't have a vinyl machine,
just grab these images, print them and use Mod Podge to stick them to your plates.

After I had the plates made I realized that I didn't have any stands to put them on.

I had to improvise.

I cut a few blocks out of a 2x4

Then I cut an "L" shape with a little notch in the lip.
I used a bandsaw, but you could also use a jigsaw.

I'll admit, not the fanciest, but functional...yes.

The Joe tried to compete with me by making what would have been a clearly superior model,

but he got bored and gave up before finishing, so I win by forfeit.

I painted them black and they were ready to hold plates!

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  1. Those plate stands are a really nifty trick! I like the plates too~

  2. Oh! I LOVE these! Going to feature them on my blog tomorrow!

  3. Don't hate me Andy, but I have to copy these. They are too stinkin' cute. You're so creative.

  4. So cute. I am thinking about copying these but putting them in a frame :)

  5. Love them! What font is it? You know me. :)

  6. very cute! you're clever! Love the new banner!

  7. Thanks ladies! The Larger words are Lima Bean, the littler is ITC American Typewriter(light).

  8. Super cute might have to borrow yet another idea from you!!!

    If you ever need to hang plates again here is a tip I used on my blog and the best part NO NAILS OR SCREWS!!!


  9. too stinkin' cute, I'm going to link to this later in the week

  10. Can you add the cute OR that you used?

  11. Hahaha. win by forfeit. You are the best.

  12. The plates are cool but I have to appreciate what it took to whip up those plate holders. Pretty creative.

  13. So fun. I've posted this idea and a link back to you on my blog. Thank you for providing the templates too! Great idea.


  14. Love them....a girlfriend and I are getting together tomorrow night to try first night with a Cricut!!

  15. Ok So I loved the Halloween plates so much I wanted to know if you have plans to do a cute christmas plate? I hope the answer is yes.


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