Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The cutest little vinyl birds.


  1. Too cute, love the first last images, you almost have to take a second look!

  2. Hey its Mindy from Twisted CopyCat and I am awarding you the Trendy Blog Award so stop by my blog to find out all the details and how to pass it on to all of your favorite blogs!

  3. I seriously was just trying to figure out what the name of that song was and then I found it on your blog!!!!! YEAH! Thanks! So, I am so glad you love the apron. I have a question. Do you have sponsors?

  4. Hi Andy, thank you for stopping by and planning on featuring me, I am so excited...You might wanna take a look at continuation of that post...There were plenty more little ceramic pieces I made to make bijoux out of them, so see for yourself :o)

  5. I love your ideas and your Trendy Blog. I have given you a blog award.
    Check it out at


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