Thursday, May 20, 2010

Creative Cats and and invite to a Porch Party!

Welcome back cats!!
 How was your week?  
If you live 'round here, you must be as excited as I am that there's only
1 week left of school!!
YAY for SUMMER!!!!

In honor of warm weather we'll be having a 
Porch Party 
next Friday!

Welcoming all things OUTDOORS!!!
Garden signs, house numbers, cute potted plants, patio furniture, front door make-overs...
anything that will give us some great ideas for this sunny weather! 

So get those creative juices flowing! I know I want to do a project or two to spruce up our porch.

Thanks for all of the links last week! We had some really amazing projects!
Here are a few highlights{{IMO}}:

Learn how to make an oversized abacus on 

If you have not yet had the pleasure of seeing April's work, you NEED to pop over and check out 

She is amazing talented when it comes to painting furniture
and she also makes really cute signs.
She just finished a fireplace mantle that looks incredible!

I totally love these ceramic earrings found on: the music!!!
How insanely cute are these cats?!?  I had to throw them in for our Creative Cats party!

Thanks to all who joined us last week! I wasn't able to leave comments on every link, but I loved looking at all of them! Such a pleasure to have you! Please come again!

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It's just that easy:)

I'd love to see you next week at the PORCH PARTY!!


  1. Thanks for hosting every week. I just got my front porch done. It will be fun to link next weeK.

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  3. Thank you so much for featuring me Andy, I'm really excited about it :o)
    I might also link up later today to your party, we'll see how things go! :o)
    see you soon,

  4. I have been wanting to make over my back patio so this will give me the extra push that I need. So, if you do decide to have sponsors, I would love the opportunity to become one.

  5. Thanks Andy for hosting your awesome parties every week. Now you gave me something to work on for your party next week...YAY! Have a great weekend!

  6. Thank you for hosting this each week!

  7. Thanks for hosting, have a great day


  8. Thanks for the link party! :)

  9. Yay a porch party! I've actually been working on a porch project so this is extra motivation to get it finished. Now if only it would stop raining so I'd actually have some warm weather...

  10. Wow - Thanks girls for including the abacus! I greatly appreciate it! Love the idea of the porch party - I am in full outdoor mode so I'm excited to see some inspiration! {{can't wait}} Thanks so much for hosting [[and the feature too]]! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  11. Thanks for all you do! I am passing along the 'virtual blogger' award. Pick it up here:

  12. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment!


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