Monday, March 15, 2010

Tis the season....

Do you feel it?  There's a certain feeling in the air this time of year.  I feel it when I hear the birds chirping in the air, when the sunshines on my face until 8 pm, see the girl scouts outside the stores selling cookies. Yes, tis the season.....the season for cleaning!! 

I'm feeling so pleased right now because we took a chunk of our Saturday and cleaned 6 rooms in our house! All of us!  After the kids went to bed, my hub and I even cleaned our, clean cleaned.  We pulled out all the clothes in the closet to reorganize and ended up with 2 garbage bags of things to give away.  It is a wonderful feeling!  Now, I don't have pictures of our newly cleaned rooms, because that would require "before" pictures and I'm not willing to show you how bad things had gotten around here.  There is still much more to do and we're anxious to start on some outdoor cleanup, but it decided to snow all day Saturday, so we're hoping next weekend will be better for that. 

While I am in the cleaning and organizing frame of mind, I decided to figure out something with my cards.  Remember, I'm in a card club and get 14 new cards every month.  I had them in a shoe box that looked like this...

I couldn't fit another card in this box!

So, I sorted them by type of card (birthday, thankyou, baby,etc)

 and then found this perfect cardboard drawer from Ikea sitting around my house. Don't you love it when you have the thing you need already! 

Sooooo much better!!   Are you feeling the Spring cleaning bug too?



  1. I LOVE spring cleaning! It is my favorite time of year even over Christmas. There is just something refreshing about the warmer days and getting all of the winter blues out of the house. Organizing is so much fun too. I just wish my family felt the same way that I do. You have inspired me to clean out my bedroom closet today. Thanks!

  2. I am not--I tend to clean in the fall way more than this time of year. But, i am forcing some spring cleaning this week!

  3. We are!!! Spring Break is here and we are cleaning and dejunking the house!!!

  4. How do I become a part of the card club?

  5. I definitely love this time of year, especially for the girl scout cookies! :) And I'm so happy for you...that you got to clean 6 of your rooms. Way to go!

  6. Congrats on getting all that cleaning done! I bet it feels good whenever you walk into the room that has been decluttered. Great idea about the card sorting. I think this is going to be great, because at a glance you can see you have "x" amount of thank you cards or birthday cards, so you won't waste money buying cards you don't need (unless they are super cute of course!!) Now you'll be scratching your head to think of an excuse to open your drawers to write a card to someone!

  7. I love that feeling where you needed to get something, but you already have it! I know what you mean about cleaning your house out. I have been doing that. But we just got done doing some yard work outside and it looks so good.


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