Thursday, February 18, 2010

think about it Thursday...

Today I have been thinking about how much I HATE the table in my master bedroom!!

When we moved into our house I asked for a folding table for Christmas. I wanted to have it so that when I scrapbooked I could whip it out and leave it up for a few days while I worked. Well....I set it up almost 3 years ago and it hasn't come down! I know I seems crazy! I felt like I was always getting into my scrap stuff and that I needed to have it out and at my fingertips! Then we switched from a desk top to a lap top. We bought a computer desk and put it into our closet. Then we had a baby and set up a nursery in our closet (Seriously folks you should see the ginormous size of my closet it is ridiculous! We honestly have an entire nursery in the back half of the closet! That is a post for another day on the misuse of square footage that builders can make...) So with the crazy amount of sleep that babies need I started bringing the laptop to my table. Now the printer is out here too!

I consider myself a pretty organized person. I love to have everything in it's place. So the state of my table is so out of character for me! I DO love to pile, but this is getting out of control!

So over the weekend I bought some extra drawer things and decided to clean it up a bit!

I took everything off of the table wiped it down and tried to go through everything!

I threw away a very stuffed full bag of stuff and started putting things back on the table. It looks a lot like it did before just a lot more organized, but I still am annoyed with it! I need a better solution. I like the idea of a cabinet that I can close, but I don't know if I could find a good one that will hold all my stuff and not be outrageous in price. There is THIS one from Walmart that is $ looks a little small could probably only hold the computer stuff...

SO ladies...I need your organizing help! What should I do that won't brake the bank!?

How do you organize the stuff you like to have at the tip of your fingers?

Think about it...


  1. I don't know if they've already sold it, but the Wingate's have a armoire that they don't need anymore.
    When we bought a new printer (before we changed from a desktop to a laptop) I was excited to see that it could operate through the wifi. It doesn't matter where in the house I am with the laptop, I can leave my printer in one place, tucked away in a corner (on top of our filing cabinet).
    We bought a cabinet at Target several years ago to store kitchen stuff in when we lived in a tiny apartment. Years later, when we no longer needed it for the kitchen, it became our office cabinet. It works great. There's a drawer for the small stuff and two shelves in the cabinet for books, a bin of our cd-roms, paper, etc. It's starting to fall apart from all the abuse the kids have put on it, but if we had been good about keeping a child cabinet lock thingy on it, one door wouldn't be broken.
    I think everyone that has the 2500 has used the closet as a nursery and/or office. We have. It has also been an exercise room (Nate had his bike set up with a trainer). And since the master bedroom is way bigger than needed, it's the room in our house that collects all of the "piles."
    Maybe check out Ikea's scratch and dent section to see if anything fits your needs. Some of the stuff in there is barely damages, and they sell it for like 25% or more off (we got our current entertainment cabinet for 45% off- one door is damaged).

  2. I have the same problem. I need a desk/computer/craft area. Right now my stuff is scattered in the kitchen, family room and dining room. I am thinking about setting up the folding table to have a place for it all. But I would love an armoire also. If you find a solution I need to know!

  3. I am currently in the process of cleaning out the closet in our guest bedroom- which has become a catch all over the years- to convert it to a sewing/craft/office closet. It is long with a wide doorway so I am hoping some organization will make it a useful space. And if it gets messy- just shut the door and forget about it! lol

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  5. I just talked with matt about this last week. My desk area looks the same! I was inspired by some pictures I saw on They have an armoire (from ikea) on the first page that pulls up that is awesome! Also she did a post called: Making a Functional and Beautiful Office/Guestroom in May that you may like. They might spark some ideas! I am going to make some shelves to go above my table, long white cube like shelves to organize everything. We'll see how it goes.
    (I know how you like shelves so that idea may be less expensive;)

  6. So if I lived closer I would give you the one from walmart you have pictured above! I have it and don't use it! I think it would be too small for what you need. Well, it would work once you get caught up on all your scrappin, and don't have so much of those piles to work around. I have a blog you should look at I LOVE IT! I can't remember what it is called at the moment but I will look it up and call you!

  7. I would go take a look at your local DI - sometimes they have pretty functional furniture - I just bought a nightstand for $4.00 !!!

  8. Heather- I have discovered and you can make your own desk! Warning: addictive

  9. I have this same armoire, except for that mine has a shelf on top and I do miss the space for my papers! But, it has forced me to be more organized. I use binders & baskets & magazine files to store my goodies. Plus, a file box fits well on the bottom shelf. :)

  10. Hello! We have a very cheap ;^) desk with no storage, and being on a budget we did this as a storage solution
    Hope it helps? Not sure if you already solved your problem or not?


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