Monday, January 4, 2010

Black and White

Yay!! We're back in action and ready for a new year!
I'm so excited!!
Before jumping into our blacks and whites I'd like to share a little story.

Our family took a trip last week and we welcomed in the new year in a cozy cabin in Cascade Idaho. Snow piled down on the mountains and we flew down the hillsides on sleds. At night we were able to snuggle under blankets and laugh with family as we played games and watched shows. The perfect winter wonderland get-away. While driving home through the windy roads The Joe and I started noticing cars flashing their lights at us. We immediately assumed that the cars were ratting out a cop car parked around the bends of the road ready to jump out at the first sign of irresponsible driving. We must have seen 9 or 10 cars flashing their lights. It wasn't until we drove around a particular bend in the road that we realized why we were being flashed. There had been a car accident and the drivers were alerting us of the danger that was just around the corner that we were unable to see. Gratitude filled my heart. I was impressed at the number of people who tried to help us. I can't seem to get those flashing lights out of my mind. I thought about the light that is within all of us and the ability we have to affect people around us if we are are willing to shine. I was reminded of all the people in my life who have been willing to shine their lights in my direction and have guided me and literally saved me from slamming myself head on into disaster. Thank you to all of the wonderful people in my life. I've added SHINE to the list of my resolutions in honor of you!

Now back to our originally scheduled program!
I've been so excited at the thought of decorating our home in a few months.
I've been searching for ideas that will endure the test of time.
For me that means I will be able to stand them for longer than a month.
I've really been drawn to black and whites.
Here's a few images to get the ball rolling.

This doggy wall art totally grabbed my attention.

The framed collage of silhouettes is completely perfect.
I also love the black beads hung on the mantle

The white flowered branches give this room such an airy appeal.
I love this room. Clean, bright and crisp

The black shelf grounds the white decor and gives it an unexpected homey feel.

An eclectic collage offers style for any budget.

Bring similarity into the room by mirroring the chandelier design onto the throw pillows.

The floor design can be just as bold as wall decor.

Add b&w decor to brightly painted rooms. It makes the color feel intentional.

Perfectly matched with pale pink to create an inviting and unique nursery.

B&W patterned plates are really pulling me in!!

Material wrapped canvases are a great way to make a stunning statement.

Eager for some decorating of my own I added a little black decal to my headboard.
I also liked the idea of initials on our pillow cases.

It's an easy way to add a little pizazz!

This vinyl decal is actually also our first giveaway of the year!
It's about 13'' tall and can be easily applied anywhere in your home.

A little "Thank You" for stopping by and sharing part of your day with
Poppies at Play.
You can enter by leaving a comment.

The winner will be announced on Friday at our Creative Cats Linky Party!
Happy New Year!!
Much love,


  1. I'm in! You have totally put me in a B&W mood, lol! Love this pretty!

  2. I completely LOVE b & w...there's A LOT of it in our home! What a beautiful decal...I'd love to be included...thank you!!!

  3. are my hero! I also love black & white!

  4. Great giveaway! I don't expect to win, but will enter anyway!
    I love all the black and white! That little crib is to die for! It is soooo cute.
    I need inspiration for my living room, but I don't think it's going to be black and white. I love the look, like the old addage...nice place to visit...
    ps hope ya'll are having a great year so far!

  5. I've been thinking about re-doing my bedding and those initals are beautiful. I'd thought to personalize the bedding somehow and that gives me an great idea. The decal is gorgeous!

    Love the black and white!

  6. Oh, I love black and whie too. I have always been drawn to it. My bedroom is black and white with splashes of green. It makes me feel so comfortable and peaceful when I enter. Oh, except when the bed isn't made. Thanks for the giveaway. It looks great!

  7. I love black and white! Hope I am the lucky winner :)

  8. Andy, thank you so much for sharing your flashing lights story. I needed to read it today. xoxo

  9. I love black & white with a little POP of color. I PLAN on doing our bedroom in black, white, & yellow {or lime green}. It is such a classic. I love your headboard by the way!

  10. Wow! I love all that stuff! We've done a few of those techniques with color, but the black really makes everything stand out. Thanks!

  11. Really beautiful decal. This is a fun blog to get ideas from.

  12. Black and white is def one of my favorite decorating style!

  13. I love black and white and often use it in my home. Great giveaway and I love all of your fun black and white finds.

  14. I missed you over the holidays. I'm glad that you took a little break and enjoyed your family. I thought I waas done with black and white since it is all over my house but now you have made me reconsider. I am in the process of re decorating my bedroom right now and the pillows would be perfect...pick me!

  15. What fun inspiration! Great choices - all of them!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Happy New Year Andy! : )

  16. That nursery makes me want to have another baby. I love the simplicity of black and white.

  17. Please pick me! Of course you know I love you and ALL your fun ideas!

  18. OOO Happy New Year! I love the decal, its so pretty!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

    -xoxo E

  19. I love the black and white look! I really wish we weren't renting right now, because I'd love to make over our living room!

  20. Black and White is such a classic color combo, ALWAYS IN! Love the black and white plates too. Lovely!

  21. I have been trolling the goodwill for accessories to go with my new black and white them in my room

  22. SUPER CUTE-I LOVE the pillows and the plates! Would love to see that super cute decal in my bedroom, crossing my fingers!!

  23. I think I'm going to do the initials-on-the-pillows thing. Very nice!

    So glad you're back... I missed the poppies blog.

  24. I would love to win! I love your blog, by the way.
    ps. thank you for not doing the "to win, leave a comment, then become a follower for 2 more entries, then blog about this blog for three entries....etc." One of my BIGGEST pet peeves! Thank you!!!

  25. Where were you in Cascade? We were there too!!

  26. pick me pick me! Our Guest bathroom on the main floor is black and white. I have some charcoal and pencil art in there but a decal would be awesome on the door to set it apart from the three nay four other doors within 6 feet of it.

  27. I love the black and white decor and I have the perfect spot just waiting for it! Thanks for all your cute ideas!

  28. love the design & i love your blog i wish i could be as creative.

  29. Great pics! I love black and white decor and it's pretty dominant in my house. That decal is to die for! thanks

  30. You always have the best ideas!! Our bedroom is black and white with some touches of burlap here and there - I just love how clean it looks!!

  31. Awesome story and awesome sticker!


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