Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm on a rampage!!

I'm on a mission to change everything that drives me nuts about my house. I go in phases like this because I like to paint and decorate and after a while my house feels so cluttered and there's just way too much going on. I can't start the school year feeling like my house is closing in on me. I decided attack the main level. I moved 80% of my furniture out and painted a color called Soft Suede(doesn't that sound so much nicer than tan or beige).

I also painted in all of the white stripes that I had left on the bead board. It just never looked crisp enough and it just added to the feeling of chaos. I painted over Joe's favorite chocolate wall in the back room(sorry darlin). He loved the darkness, but it just felt way too cave-like for me. He really does like how the house feels now too.It is actually terrible timing because I have to paint the basement next week, but it's worth it!! It feels like I can breathe again. I made the executive decision to also paint the beastly stairwell that I have been putting off for all three years that we've lived here and I also need to tackle the loft because we have holes that need to be patched. OK, so other then the bedrooms and bathrooms I'll be painting the entire house within the next couple of weeks...UGGH!! It truly is a pain in the backside, but it will be worth it!! It makes me like my house again. Less is definitely more for me at the moment.


  1. Love the color you chose! Isn't it amazing how paint really does transform a space?!

    Happy Painting!
    ~Michelle :)

  2. I totally love the idea of clearing things out and starting with less! I woke up this morning feeling so overwhelmed by the looming school schedule of being "required" to be at a certin place at a certin time...I love summer for the loose free feeling! You have inspired me to clear and clean! Thanks Andy...Oh let me know how painting your stair well went...I still need to do mine! ; )

  3. I am completely with you :) I get excited stick stuff everywhere and then have to do the same thing and honestly it has been so nice to go more simple and clean... I love your changes.

  4. I'm with you on the painting thing! After painting the basement I don't want to see another paint brush for a while, but I love how a new color changes a much to Kenny's dismay, we'll probably paint again much sooner than he would like!

  5. Looks great!! Love the color name.

  6. i LOVE this big painting over your couch!!!!


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