Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gift Bags and Creative Cats

Welcome to Creative Cats Tuesday!! I'm in such a good mood today!! I hope you are having a good morning too. The painting is going well. Yesterday I finished up the kitchen. Today I am taking a break from this:
I don't have the ladder confidence I need so I'm going to wait for Joe to help me set it up on the stairs. In the meantime why not have a little fun making gift bags! If you are like me you stock up on gift bags whenever you have a baby or birthdays. Once in a while you hit a lull and run out. It's not something that I ever think to buy. I was looking at a roll of wallpaper in my closet that happened to be next to the gift bag box and I thought to myself, "self, you could make that". It's super easy and wallpaper works great because it's stiff, but I'm sure you could use a big sheet of construction paper too. The best tutorial to use is an old gift bag.
Just undo the bottom of it to see how the folds work. Cut your paper with some sort of an edge for the top and roll it into a tube.
Stick a piece of packing tape on the inside of your fold and then squish the roll you've made flat. Invert the fold on the edges to create the side of your bag.
Fold the bottom of the bag the same way that you'll see on your pattern bag. It's really simple. Stick packing tape on the inside and the outside of the bottom to make sure it's nice and secure.Cut two matching pieces of twine and tape them to the inside of your bag. Embellish however you want to! I went simple by tying a chipboard number on the front.

Now it's your turn!! We had so many awesome projects last week for Creative Cats!! Thank you so much to all of you who linked!! I can't wait to see what you've come up with this week!! Just as a reminder Creative Cat's links can be anything creative that is done by YOU. Sewing, baking, organizing, before and afters, really anything that takes an ounce of creativity. I'm not picky!! So come and have some fun with us today by linking to a specific blog post. Link back to Creative Cats to invite others to play along and check out everyone's projects! After you link you are welcome to take a Creative Cat's button from my sidebar to display on your blog.

Happy Creating and happy Tuesday!!


  1. That is such cute wallpaper. I watch for gift bags after Christmas and other clearance times, but sometimes what I have in my stash just isn't the look that I want. Doh, why didn't I think of making my own like you did?!?

  2. Hi! I've linked up for creative cats. I love your gift bag tutorial! I have a similar one made from envelopes!

  3. Thanks for hosting! I love your cute bags! Your stuff always turns out so CUTE!

  4. Hey! I love it - and can't believe that it never dawned on me to make one of those. BRILLIANT! Thank you.


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