Monday, August 24, 2009

Decorative Handbags

I'm trying to come up with a wide variety of unique products for the market and I ran across these cute chipboard handbags. I took four of them, taped off the top buckle and painted them with different yet coordinating colors. I used hot glue to add some vintage buttons and then also added some chipboard numbers to turn them into a set.

Little NOT use painters tape on chipboard. It peels the top layer of paint completely off. I tried to add a cute vertical stripe to one of my bags and I had to end up trashing it. Stencils would be better. I'm selling this set for $25 at the market, but you could also save a little money if you like to DIY. I found the chipboard handbags at the Provo Craft Outlet.
FYI.....Tomorrow is Creative Cats!! I'd love for you to link up the creative projects you've been working on!! See ya tomorrow!!


  1. Very cute!
    I'm hoping to think of something fun to do so I can join you at your market next month. Keep your fingers crossed!

  2. Those turned out just darling! Bummer about the tape ripping one of them. Thanks for the warning; because I probably would have tried the same thing.


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