Friday, August 21, 2009


So I'll probably be posting a lot about the things I'm going to be doing to get ready for the market. Sorry if that's super boring, but it's what's occupying my mind. I wanted to have matching tablecloths and centerpieces for the tables. I went to look for tablecloths at Walmart and the cheapest fabric ones were ten bucks no, that's not going to work for me. How about flat sheets.
At 4 bucks a pop that's cheaper than I can buy fabric. I'd like to go with light blue and green colors. The sheets work perfectly, except for the fact that I had to pull out the four letter "I" word.We don't normally like to even mention that in our home, but I made an exception today. I found these funky things for 5 bucks each.Initially I thought I would make some balls to stick in them by wrapping twine around styrofoam balls, but when I thought about it, that could get pretty expensive to fill. I decided to go with a large candle and maybe I'll just make a few balls for each one.I wrapped a piece of twiny garland around the outside.. what do you think?It kind of resembles a horror movie carriage that's going to stand up on its twine legs and walk away, but I think it will end up looking fine once it's all done.

Unrelated P.S. Yesterday was the first day that I have ever in my life made cookies from a cake mix!!
I am totally going to be all about those for a while. They are so yummy and so easy!! The recipe I found just has one cake mix, one cube of butter and one egg and then add water until it's moist. I cooked them for 10 minutes on 350 and after they had cooled I put frosting in between two of them for a little welcome home sweet treat for the kids.
They LOVED them and so did the Joe. Speaking of the Joe...he brought me these flowers a couple of days ago.
Yay for rockingly cool husbands...and last but certainly not least on this unrelated p.s.....Look what Hannah did with this sad bed frame.
Isn't it amazing?!? Would you believe she did it with spray paint?!? Find out how HERE.
Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. LOVE LOVE the center pieces. If you got dollar-store balls it wouldn't be as expensive (not styrofoam, just little balls there that you can cover)

    Those are my second favorite cookies ever! But let me spice things up a a bag of ANDES MINTS (they're in the baking isle, and they're chopped the chocolate chips) and add some to the frosting and stir it in...
    You got yourself some homemade MINT OREOS! MMM!

  2. Your tables are going to look great. They don't look too scary to me. You're such an awesome mom to have cookies made when the kiddos got home from their first day of school. How do you do it all? What a sweet husband you snagged. And I love the headboard. I love your blog (and your links) because it makes me feel like I can do all these great things! :)


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