Monday, June 1, 2009

Old projects

Why is it so much harder to finish old projects than to start new ones?  Why do they lose their excitement? It seems like they should be more exciting because at least they're already started. I don't get it.  I finally got around to finishing the shelf I started months ago. I decided to nix the blue and white stripes and paint it brown.

 I also thought it might be fun to try stapling fabric to the back of the shelf. We stopped by Hobby Lobby after going to see "Up" on Friday afternoon. (P.S. it's a very very cute movie and my BIL helped with the animation, so go and watch it!).  I picked out an argyle print. Actually Joe pointed it out and said it was something he thought I would like. Yep, it is.  I stapled the fabric on the back and then I also wanted to add some cute knobs to the bottom.
 I was about to drill the holes when I realized that if I put screws on the back of the shelf, it wouldn't hang flush against the wall. So instead I just glued the knobs onto the front with epoxy.  I can finally cross this sucker off of the to-do list!


  1. Ooooh...I like the fabric! Very cute!

  2. Love the fabric and knobs. I also love the brown, good choice. I would have never thought to put fabric behind a shelf and am now going to look at shelves differently.


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