Monday, May 25, 2009

Sleep is overrated

I have been struggling with neck pains for awhile. I guess I should just go see a chiropractor or something instead of living in constant pain. Actually it's not really constant, it's just after I have been stationary for a few hours-aka sleeping.  I woke up at 5 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep because of the pain. It really stinks! Especially on days when the Joe is home and I could have the opportunity to sleep in until 8.  On the flip side it does help me be more productive. I can get some kind of project done while the kids are still sleeping.  This morning I worked on a couple of matching pegboards.  I chopped some wood up downstairs routed the edges and used the drill press to make some holes for the pegs and for the hanging boards. It's been so fun learning how to use the tools in the wood shop. They really used to seem intimidating so it feels like an accomplishment to be able to semi-know what I am doing. The only thing that still scares me is the table saw. There's been a couple of times that I have been pushing a long board thru and I get stuck. I'm afraid it's going to kick back at me. Luckily these boards were already cut to 6'' and I just had to cut the tops with the chop saw.  I painted them a baby blue and then practiced on the vinyl machine to get some accent leaves.

  Now I can have time to spend with the fam. We're going to have a great big family baseball game. I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day! Stay tuned this week for some table makeovers!  


  1. So cute! You are even creative at 5am. No fair!

  2. I have had that kind of neck pain before. It usually starts from sleeping on my neck in a bad position and then progressively gets worse. I have seen a chiropractor and can tell you that the best thing to fix it is when my DH gives me a good massage to loosen all of the hard muscle.
    I also use my table saw in fear, but sometimes you just want to get a project done and DH is not around. I love to see all of the cute things you are doing with vinyl. Hope you start getting some sleep.

  3.'re becoming an expert with the vinyl designs. Way to go!!


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