Monday, May 18, 2009

Creative Cats!

Check out the Porter's newest addition!! 

We are all totally excited to have a candy store in our house!! I mean really, who wouldn't be right?!?  I'm not going to fill it with candy until after Joe and I are done banishing treats on June 13th, but even seeing an empty candy machine in the house makes me laugh quietly to myself. I also like the challenge of the restyle.  I asked Joe if he would make me some old looking 25 cent signs and I love how they turned out!! 
We stuck them on and I said,"doesn't that look so cute??" Joe's reply was," You know they'd be even more cute if they were full of candy and I could EAT IT!"  Ha ha ha!! He's being really supportive of me with this no treat thing even though he has ZERO interest in doing it!! He did a great job on the stickers don't you think?  I painted the base a shabby white and changed the forrest green to a light blue.
  So, make sure to bring your quarters next time you visit...actually that won't be necessary since we have the key....Wahahaha... 

So, anyhoo, back to the business of the day....Welcome to Creative Cats Tuesday!!! I'm always so excited to see what creative things you have been working on, so please feel free to link up or send pictures to with Creative Cats in the subject line and I will post them for you. Happy Tuesday!!
  • Fawnda~ Shares a wonderfully thoughtful Father's day Gift.
  • Becky~Shows us how to make a seriously fun castle cake!
  • Coretta~ Shares matching jammies she made for her and her girls. Super cute and versatile!
  • Elsa~ makes incredibly cute glass pendants. 
  • Elsa~ Shares her talented shadow boxes. Great wedding gifts!


  1. Fun find. My kids would think that is about the coolest thing ever to have in your house!! Nice job with the vinyl stickers Joe!, the only problem is keeping it stocked with candy!

  2. Thanks for doing Creative Cats Tuesdays! I like seeing everyone's stuff and being able to share mine if I want! Sorry if I linked twice with the Mr. Linky thingy, not sure if I got it to work right. Eek.

  3. Those vinal sickers are awesome! Very cute! Thanks for linking and your very sweet comment! : )

  4. Wow that is a great find! My kids would love to have one of those in the house. They would want to fill it up with giant gourmet gumballs like the ones in the mall. My kids would be very happy to pull weeds, clean rooms, etc. just to get a quarter to use in that candy machine.

  5. ohh me I want to play. I linked up the matching jammies I made for me and my girls, each designed for our own needs. Love the candy machines. That would be a great way to "reuse" the kids' spending money. Turn a profit as a parent and reuse the quarters to reward your kids. Love it where did you get that?


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