Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cook me up a little jar of Motivation and Creative Cats

I'm training with a friend of mine for a race in June and I decided to try and go without junk food until the race. Junk food meaning desserts and candy. I have tried it a couple of times and haven't lasted too long. It's time to bring in the big dogs of motivation....the jars. Joe is willing to help me out and do it with me. We will each have a jar. For each day that we are successful at conquering the sweet hunger beast we get to put a dollar into the jar. If we mess up, we have to dump all of our money into the other person's jar. Sounds like fun doesn't it? We'll see how it goes. For another fun jar idea see how Heather kept her kids occupied last summer. Check it out HERE.
It is Tuesday...time for all you Creative Cat's out there to show us what you have been working on. Creative Cat's welcomes any creative ideas including decorating tips, thrifty finds, organization ideas or recipes. Really anything that you have done that took a bit of creativity. I'm having problems getting Mr. Linky working this morning so to add your link today please leave me a comment and copy the direct link to your blog post in your comment. After I get your comment I will add your name and link to the main page. If you are willing to share a project with us today make sure and grab yourself a Creative Cat's button to display on your blog. If you don't have a blog and would like to share an idea you can email a picture and an explanation of your project and I will post it for you. Have fun and remember to leave lots of comment love when you are checking out each other's ideas.


  1. I started reading your blog recently and would like to be a creative cat! Here is our post on How to take great pictures.


    Fawnda and Jeannine

  2. Love your idea for cutting out the sweets! I would totally lose on that one. Thanks for doing Creative Cat Tuesday, you have inspired me to get some things finished! Here's the link to my project for this week....http://efreema1.xanga.com/701020065/creative-cat-tuesday/


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