Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A pegboard for a princess..

This morning I decided to play around a bit with pegboards. Initially I was going for a different look, but after I began it just kind of morphed into something else. That's alright. I try to be pretty flexible and change things up if they aren't working the way that I want them to. To get this look I created a pink color by mixing paints that resembled the pink of my Gerber Daisies.I painted the board pink and after it dried I painted over the top with white. Once the white was dry I sanded it down with steel wool so that the pink would show through.I did the opposite with my pegs. I painted them white and topped with pink. After sanding the whole thing down I rubbed it with gel stain. The fun part was taking the Gerber Daisies apart and cutting a larger hole in the bottom to fit the end of the peg through. After placing a few pieces of the flower onto the peg I put wood glue on the peg and hammered it into the board using a cloth to protect the paint.Have a happy Wednesday! It's more like Winds-day here.


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